A New Year: 2020 - 2021

When looking back on 2020, many people will probably say that this year was the beginning of the problems that plagued our world. Others may say that this was the year that the light shined upon the corruption of our world.

However, 2020 is more than just a year. In my eyes, it is a new era. An era of conflict and change that will continue to be in flux until the powers that be have either fallen or succeeded in their goals. This happens in much of the literary world and now it has come to fruition in our own reality.

How do we come back from this?

There is no going back, only moving forward. But this does not mean the future isn't bright. If we desire a brighter and better future, then it requires a shift, a massive one at that. To do so is one of the most difficult tasks we can undertake, but we must take it in order to safeguard future generations and humanity as a whole.

What can we do?

There are many ways one can point us in the right direction. There are also many ways we can be directed toward the wrong direction. And right now, we are moving so fast in the wrong direction that the brakes have been cut and we no longer have control. So what can we do?

First, we need to shift our mindset away from the things that are plaguing us. This is incredibly difficult as we suffer from so much and feel the weight of victimization coming from all around us. COVID-19 may be the virus, but the actual plague is one of victimhood.

It is a sad reality that now we look to our leaders to help us in times of need instead of looking to ourselves. We suffer, we fight, we suffer even more, and there is no justice. It is lost in our pleas to make the world a better place. And I say this for both sides of the aisle.

There needs to be a shift, a shift towards passion and purpose.

How do we shift?

Becoming a victim shrouds us in a veil of emotion that focuses our attention on what we lost and seek to gain back. There are ways out of this, but those ways will always be a choice made by you and you alone.

I say alone, but there are many that believe we are never alone. And in a certain sense, I agree with them. We have friends, family, and faith. These provide purpose. Listen to them, allow them to guide you and help you. If there is conflict in the family however, seek out friends and/or faith. Our shift needs to revitalize the values that made us the strongest.

We must also find passion in the things we do. There is conflict that will arise in the coming year(s) and possibly even decades. Conflict breeds passion in many, but the passion can be corrupted by sins we shrug off as being not important. Sins are still sins and we mustn't lose ourselves as it can result in a larger spread of victimization.

Therefore, we need to shift our culture towards the values that we once had. Towards passion and purpose in greater ideals. Not forgetting what has plagued us, but learning from it all so that we can move forward and teach new generations how to live a better life!

My Shift and Resolution:

2020 has brought to life a passion that I began to lose and much more. My purpose has grown larger and my goals for 2021 and beyond is to begin fulfilling that purpose, one step at a time.

I've said it many a times throughout these codex entries and on the podcast as well, I wish to bring other creators together in order to collaborate and share in their passions! A place where many can come to seek entertainment, to seek new stories, and build upon their imaginations and creative ventures!

I wish to shift the cultural landscape of 2020 away from the politics and build a new community that strives to promote a plethora of incredible works. Works that challenge perception, works that strive to entertain, works that show us just how incredible humanity can be.

That is why I have developed Reborn in Power! And starting February 7th, 2021, you will be able to help pave the way for this community to thrive with the Reborn in Power Kickstarter Launch!

It is not just a game, it is a catalyst to begin a New Expanding Universe! One that you can be apart of, whether it's through art, writing, music, you name it! This Universe is for everyone to take part in it and build it until the next generation comes along to continue where we left off.

Much like Star Wars and other Universes, however this one is a bit larger and can include any and all multiverses that come from the minds of creators.

So now the question is...

What is your Shift and Resolution in 2021?

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