Achi-A4: Ancient Artifact

In the time forgotten, before the CORE Reset, cycles came and went with ease of pace. Each age of the realms found the CORE stabilized in an ebb and flow like dance between the Planar Unity and its inhabitants. With memories wiped from the sudden surge of the reset, Archivists from the Pillars began their research, hunting down knowledge that has long been forgotten. Seeking out Sages from all corners of the Cosmic Realm in order to gather enough intel to fill the halls and shelves of the archives!

From over a century of searching, Archivists have discovered a plethora of information. In fact, it is only just beginning and is becoming a new age of discover for these curious minds.

Command Colony Achi:

This entry, although it is about discovery, the properties of this finding is still very much a mystery. What the Archivists have been able to gather so far is that one of the Command Colonies, known as Achi has a network of labyrinths that all coalesce into a single artifact.

That Artifact is known as Achi-A4, being as though it was found on Achi and it is the 4th artifact that has been discovered since the reset occurred. For now we will refer to it as A4.

On Achi, the labyrinths seem to show similar iconography that is found on A4. The details linked between the runic language and the CORE Runic language is far from a match, however, there are energies that flow through each labyrinth that operate on the level of a divine lock.

Archivist & Sages believe this artifact to be a creation of the realms themselves, in order to lock something away. Something that seeks to escape through destroying the very runes used to keep it at bay.

With Achi apart of the Command Colonies now, the Science Division of CORE Command has been tasked to do research on the labyrinths as well as A4, sending all information gathered back to the Archives for further analysis.

In the 15 cycles A4 has been studied, scientists have found that Achi used to be home to an exotic species that seemed to have become endangered. Achinites are what they are referred to as and many Archivist explorers now seek them out in order to gather whatever information they might have regarding their original home, if the reset even got to them...

Note: Achinites will be featured in a future Codex Entry. For now, the information above has all been recorded in the Lore Archives on the Pillars. Utilize this information in your Reborn in Power campaigns and expand it further!

Thank you for reading this new entry on one of the Artifacts found in the CORE Realms. A special thanks to the artist of the artifact, Andrew Baio of Evergrade Artistry! You can check out his portfolio here! If you enjoy what you're reading, feel free to support me by subscribing to my SubscribeStar account @Reborn-in-Power and follow me here if you have made an account! I look forward to producing more for you to explore this ever-expanding Universe! #learnthelore #artifactsofthecore #reborninpowerrpg #commandcolonies

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