Aquorai: An aquatic Species

Furthering the expanse of the CORE, it is important to learn about as many intelligent lifeforms lurking throughout each world. One of those species has made a home on several oceanic planets and continues to thrive as an independent colony.

The Aquorai take after several of earths most esteemed aquatic creatures. With no real vocalization methods, they utilize sonar-like frequencies to communicate between each other. This form of language is known as aquorian, as it can only be comprehended through the ripples of an Aquorai Colony.

Aquorai Colonies:

There are approximately 6 worlds colonized by the Aquorai, with 1 of them being amongst the Command Colonies. Known as Aquorai Colonies, these oceanic worlds have a molecular compound that the inhabitants use in order to commune with the Spirit Domain, being as though Aquorai are a Magenium species.

Aquorai Colony

Due to this, CORE Command found it necessary to establish a sky base above the oceans in order to further study the molecular compound Aquorai utilize in their culture. What scientists have gathered so far is that the compound reacts to the neurological pathways in an Aquorai, which provokes a dream-like state in order for them to commune with a previous life.

Once they become powerful enough, an Aquorai can summon these spirits to the Physical Domain, allowing for anyone with the ability to see spirits to visually acknowledge an Aquorai Spirit's presence. With this, the oceans of these colonies are not only swarming with oceanic beasts and Aquorai, but with spirits protecting the waters as well.

Species & Cultures:

There are many subraces and cultures circulating through the 6 Aquorai Colonies, but the most prominent are the following three:

Selachi - Found in the Shark Hoards, Selachi are ferocious carnivores that enjoy hunting down prey from beneath the ocean depths. Their culture has thrived under the advances that their entire species has developed. They live approximately 40-60 cycles.

Dasya - Found in the Ray Fields, Dasya are quick and agile with a sharp mind as they spurred the technological renaissance that came their way after an event that was lost from the CORE Reset. All their people know now is how to maintain the technology, instead of how to advance it. They live approximately 50-80 cycles.

Cetacea - Found in the Whales Den, Cetacea are large majestic creatures that seek to maintain the spiritual balance of their worlds. Although Dasya are the intellectuals of the species, Cetacea control most of the cultural standards, teaching the Aquorai how to commune with the spirits. They live approximately 70-110 cycles.

System Mechanics:

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Hope you enjoy the extended content, there will be much more coming in the near future with many more Playable Races add to the Alien Access. Thank you, and if death comes to you, may you be reborn in power...

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