Beginnings of a Grand Adventure

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Being as though this is my first Codex Entry, I figured it would be smart to share with you who I am, "behind the screen".

My name is Matthew Arthur, though I go by M. S. Arthadian. I am a musician, writer, entrepreneur, but most of all I am a lover of storytelling!

In my pursuit of a career, I knew at a very early age I wanted to create worlds that others could enjoy with me. I would wake up at 6 a.m. every day, rush over to my toy box, and escape into a world I created.

There was something missing though, I was always alone in my imagination. I never had anyone who understood me and I was not introduced to the amazing world of Dungeons & Dragons at that time.

Instead I was introduced to writing my own stories from my elementary school tutor. Whenever we'd meet, once a week, I would rather write my book than do any homework. I found a new avenue to express my creative nature, so I did just that. I wrote my first story in the 4th grade, was something a child would write but I was so proud of myself.

Next, in the 5th grade we had a Class wide Short Story competition. I wish I still had a copy of it because I won that competition and I remember it had something to do with a mummy in a tomb. However, it wasn't until my freshman year of high school that I began pursuing writing.

In that year I wrote 4 novellas in the span of 10 months. That was 2012, when Avengers came out and I am a huge Iron Man fan. Therefore, I decided to dedicate my writing to creating a multiverse. I already had thousands of ideas since I was playing with toys as a child, so I began writing!

Building a Universe from scratch is a tall order. I began my efforts with writing a series around an individual. I knew the best way to attract a reader is to make a character relatable, so I made them a human. Though I also wanted to incorporate mythology, specifically Greek. And thus, Zinnito Mussioci was born!

With that, I self-published Zinnito's story on Amazon and began writing several other works. Though I got distracted when I finally came across Tabletop RPG's. I thought to myself then, "What if I made my own tabletop roleplaying game with my Universe?" That was 2014, and now Reborn in Power is nearing its completion. With many different iterations in the past, I have dedicated blood, sweat, and tears to this project so that others can finally be apart of my creations.

Coming early to mid 2021, Reborn in Power will take you on an adventure through the Realms I've created and possibly even some you create! This is all for a larger goal. The goal to bring creators together to immerse ourselves in the very Universe we strive to build...

Thank you all for reading along! Now it's time to be reborn! #reborninpower #rip #tabletoprpg #scifirpg #universebuilder #lifestory #writingcommunity #author #learnthelore

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