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Chosen Creation: V1

What is Chosen Creation?

Chosen Creation is the 1st Study produced by Arthadian Anthologies. It is an Online Ruleset made to guide players through character creation in the Reborn in Power TTRPG.

Through the process of developing a rulebook on my own, there have been several challenges I’ve faced.

  • My 1st Crowdfunding Attempt: In all transparency, I attempted a kickstarter for Reborn in Power in February of 2021. It failed due to my lack of research, spreading myself too thin, unable to produce the best quality campaign I could.

  • Lack of Resources: Being a lone creator makes for my time to have to be divided between an alternative form of income, marketing, creation of the system, and seeking out ways to publish said 250+ page TTRPG.

  • Life in General: As we all know, life at times gets in the way. With me working on this for 9 years, the past few years has been challenging to say the least.

However, even with the challenges, I was able to produce Chosen Creation. Instead of dealing with publishing costs for books, I went with the online approach and used an Online Program format.

Much like Life Coaches, Yoga Instructors, but instead this is a program where you sign up/log in and are able to open up tabs for each section of the rules you’d like to see.

There are some drawbacks, but I do love the benefits for it as well!


  • No physical copies (yet) so you can’t hold it in your hands and admire it on your shelf

  • It does require some form of internet connection, which also means that players will be on their phones/tablets if they are looking at the rules (There are PDFs available for download in the Study)


  • Updates can be made regularly without the need of a new batch of printed books

  • Ease of access to find what you’re looking for using multiple tabs and/or the hyperlink directories

Now, with all that being said, here is an in-depth description of all that can be found inside Chosen Creation!

All 4 Scans of the Reborn in Power: Rebirth Sheets

Rebirth Sheets
Download PDF • 272KB


Attribute Phase:

The first Phase of Chosen Creation is the most straight forward. It dives into the 6 Attributes every creature has.

Physical Attributes:

  • Fortitude (Fort): This is your base Endurance and will be implemented into Health & Stamina.

  • Strength (Str): This is how much you can carry, how far you can jump, and your total build as a beast! It will be added to your Stamina.

  • Agility (Agi): This is how fast you can react and your ability dodge. It will also be added to your Stamina.

Mystical Attributes:

  • Intellect (Int): This increases your capacity for knowledge. It also determines how smart you are and your potential for manipulating molecular structures. It will be added to your Energy.

  • Will (Will): This is how well you can fight off corrupting forces and perceive greater mysteries. It will be added to your Energy.

  • Charm (Cha): This is your ability to persuade and how your personality is portrayed. It will be added to your Energy.

In order to determine Attribute Scores, there are 2 systems! Note: The Max an Attribute Score can be naturally is 12.


With this system, you will receive 72 Attribute Points (AP) to spend in order to determine the 6 Attribute Scores of your Chosen.


With this system, you will roll 3D6, adding the highest two rolls and subtracting the lowest from the total of the highest two (Max of 11).


Alien Access:

The Alien Access is a section of the Alien Archives that is accessible as Playable Races. Starting out in Chosen Creation there are 6 total Playable Races, with 13 total sub-races available to choose from.

Race Receives:

  • Overall Attribute Bonus that applies to all subraces

  • A Racial Knowledge that applies to all subraces

  • A form of verbal/written Languages that applies to all subraces

  • A Physique that includes the Body Type, Movement Type(s), and the Range of each Movement Type

  • A Gift from the Higher Entities that scales with the Racial Rank

Subrace Receives:

  • Specified Attribute Bonus that only applies to the subrace

  • A Benefit that only applies to the subrace

  • An Optional form of verbal/written Language that applies to the subrace

  • Some Talent Points (TP) to place in specified areas

Racial Rank:

All creatures have a Racial Rank that is determined by their Chosen Level. A Chosen's Racial Rank can only be ranked up through leveling up. It happens every 3rd Level.

1st Scan found in the Alien Access of Chosen Creation


Origin Paths:

The Origin Paths grant a number of things to a Chosen. There are 5 Origins to choose from:

  • Apprentice: Choosing Apprentice means you have trained or are being trained by a Master/Leader of a given Faction.

  • Enhanced: Choosing Enhanced means you have had an experience that caused you to obtain 2 Enhancement Slots.

  • Executive: Choosing Executive means you rose up or were given authority in a specific Faction.

  • Militant: Choosing Militant means you have joined a militaristic faction at some point in your life.

  • Scientist: Choosing Scientist means you pursue advancement to extremes, joining any Faction that gives you the resources for your studies.

An Origin grants how many Talent Points (TP) a Chosen receives at Level 1. Chosen also gain a choice of 1 out of 4 Knowledges to choose from based off the Origin Path.

An Origin Path also grants a unique choice of Vocation Benefit from 9 out of 12 of the main Vocations.

12 Vocations found in the Origin Path of Chosen Creation

Each Origin Path gets a choice of 4 Factions. Upon choosing a Faction, this determines starting Gear.

Faction Entries will be found in the Chosen Codex Archive. These can only be accessed through a Chosen Subscription!


Progression Phase:

This Phase is one that will be important to reference back to when playing. Having it as a tab will be helpful when needed to Rank & Level Up your Chosen!

In this Phase, you will learn how to progress your character in the two main systems. Ranking & Leveling Up!

  • Ranking: This system applies to anything with a Rank label attached to it. Anything that uses Ranking only has a Max of Rank 5.

  • Leveling: This system applies to anything with a Level label attached to it. Anything that uses Leveling only has a Max of Level 12.

You will learn how Chosen Points (CP) is spent on both Ranking & Leveling. This is the experience you receive at the end of each game session.


Access Phase:

This is probably going to be the Phase you look to the most. In it you will find the Access; Skills, Feats, and Abilities (SFA)

  • Skills: These are for Physically Built Chosen. They mostly cost Stamina and utilize Rank Dice.

  • Feats: These are for all Chosen, no matter the build. They have a number of uses per day/mark in-universe equal to their Rank.

  • Abilities: These are for Mystically Built Chosen. They mostly cost Energy and utilize Rank Dice Pools.

Screenshot of the first 2 Scans for Access Abilities

There are approximately 70+ SFA found in Chosen Creation. Soon there will be more featured in the exclusive Entries accessed by Chosen Subscribers!


Shopping Phase:

This is where you will find the Gear Archive. It will help you build a Chosen to become even more EPIC than they already can be!

There are 7 Gear Categories found throughout the Gear Archive

There are 80+ Gear Pieces that can be found in the Shopping Phase, with more Gear to be made using the Gear Crafting Entry + New Gear Scans found in the Chosen Codex Archive!


This is the 2nd and final section of the Chosen Creation: Study. It includes the last two Phases:

  • Exploration Phase: This is where you learn about exploring the CORE. Utilizing the Universals; Basic Skills, Knowledges, and Forms (BKFs). You will also access the Languages & Movements available. Lastly, you will learn about Survivability Factors, better known as Environmental Effects.

  • Combat Phase: This is where you learn about how combat works in Reborn in Power! You will get access to how Traditional Combat works (Turn-based Initiative) as well as the unique Squad Combat. The next form of combat will be Space Combat, which will be planned to release in 2023!

In the end, this section is mostly going to be used by Loremasters (LMs) when running game sessions. That is until the Loremaster Codex is officially released after the first official Mission Directive (DIRECTIVE 140: Playtest).

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