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CORE Command: Foundation Military Force

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

45 Cycles after the CORE Realms converged, the leaders across the Pillar of The Harborer sought to establish a military force that could protect their new way of life. Leaders from the Rune Forger Order along with the rest helming the Capital Environments (CE) at the time came together to draft a pledge for all denizens seeking refuge on the first Pillar!

Any CORE denizen that finds their way to The Harborer, Runic Core, or any Pillar Associated Jurisdiction will gain access to an Acolyte Assembly. There, fully simulated field-training will be held in order to shape resilience amongst the CORE, and forge the strongest Military these realms will ever witness.

This pledge became known as The CORE Command, prompting many refugees that made their way to the Pillars to begin training in order to protect what eventually became the Pillar Lifestyle; a peaceful and prosperous way of life that The Harborer and its CE's promoted, a safe-haven for all denizens to enjoy.

However, since the CORE Reset occurred, things have changed in a multitude of ways...

the Foundation Emerges:

Before the CORE Reset (BCR), CORE Command grew to similar height compared to the Rune Forger Order due to the Legend of Zyron Rath. This legend brought about an elite training regiment for the best of the best, known as the 405th Legion!

Now, After the CORE Reset (ACR), CORE Command protects the Pillars of the CORE along with the established Command Colonies, founded in Cycle 16 ACR by the Elite Command Squadron, Hearts of Glory!

Due to this expansion of CORE Command's jurisdiction, the Sodorian Alliance had to come up with a way to keep Command in check, with its growing power and authority. This caused Alliance Archivists, Sodorian Senators, and even Rune Forgers, to work in-tangent with one another. Establishing a new type of squadron, Foundation Squads.

This Region of the CORE was originally titled the Pillar Region. Once the Command Colonies were established, the Pillar Region became a little out-of-date for the leadership.

It wasn't until one of the Command Officials, General Fredon Mason, alongside the Runic Council drafted an Entry known as The Foundation.

Here is an excerpt from The Foundation Entry:

The Foundation:

General Fredon Mason

Zeril 19 - Array 5 - Cycle 16 ACR

"...Although I voted against the movement to establish our so-called, 'Command Colonies', the verdict has been finalized, and now as we speak, 46 out of 100 Command Squadrons have been deployed to find more worlds in need of liberation from devastating environments, tyrannical societies, and help in beginning initiatives to recruit them into our training regiments. Thereby expanding CORE Command forces amongst their people, and establishing these 'Command Colonies' on their worlds.

In order to make sure my fears do not come to fruition, we must establish a Foundation for every world colonized this way. A code of ethics that cannot be subverted by the potential corruptibility of our own feeble-minded views.

Therefore, I draft this entry so that these 'Command Colonies' are for the Alliance before CORE Command. Yes, CORE Command is the leading source of this movement, however, this Alliance was established to keep each of our power's in check!"

Foundation Initiatives:

After the Foundation Entry was received by the Sodorian Senate, the Foundation Initiatives began. These initiatives focused on the further advancement toward helping establish Capital Environments on existing Command Colonies and the liberation efforts for new Command Colonies.

Initiative I: Foundation Squadrons

Initiative II: Elect Senators

Initiative III: Command Acolytes

Initiative IV: Runic Seminaries

Initiative V: Alliance Archives

Across the Foundation Region, approximately 60 Command Acolyte Assemblies (CAA) have been built to bring in and train thousands of recruits into CORE Command. Thanks to the expanse of the Command Colonies, CORE Command has been able to pull from volunteers that have seen devastation most of their lives.

Although most CAA are modeled after Pillar Command and the great CAA of Orbital 3, most acolytes in the military still seek to transfer to the famed CAA of Runic Core.

Pillar Command:

On the Pillar of the Harborer, the Capital Environment of Vo'estivez is home to the ground hub of CORE Command.

Considered the largest Capital on The Harborer, the stands an expansive ringed cityscape known as Pillar Command that acts as the central point for all interplanetary command structures. At the heart of the ring is Command HQ; where the Command Officials report for major briefings across all jurisdictions amongst the Pillars.

As for the Ringed Cityscape, four Gravitational Transitioning Devices (GTDs) were built into each zone in order for citizens to explore the inaccessible portions of the ring. Thanks to the GTDs, gravity alters to allow for vertical and even inversed exploration.

From afar, Pillar Command looks like a massive Ring on the horizon, but the truth is it is more of a square shape with four internal Quad-Zones:

Quad-Zone I:

Quad-Zone II:

Quad-Zone III:

Quad-Zone IV:

Command HQ:

Orbital 3:

In the first Cycle of the CORE, an entity known as The Endowed emerged from the converging realms and created the four Orbitals that came to be the Runic Core!

Once CORE Command settled itself into the role of protecting the Pillar Lifestyle, the Rune Forgers who had become the first Runic Council chose to provide an Orbital to the Pillar's military force. This is when the first Command Acolyte Assembly was built and with it came the model used for every CAA constructed after it!

Command Hall:

regiment Gate:

Commander Gates:

Operative Gates:

Enforcer Gates:

Branches of CORE Command:

In the Foundation Military Force there are 5 Branches that make up all of CORE Command. Each Branch has specific Command Officials to report to when assigned a directive. Here are the 5 Branches of CORE Command:

Branch I: Security

Branch II: Martial

Branch III: Aerial/Naval

Branch IV: Space

Branch V: Science

Garrisons, Fleets, & Legions:

The Command Officials are each assigned to a specific type of military command post. There are three types of Command Posts and each one determines the status of an officer.




A Command Officer's Duty:

CORE Command Officers are warriors by nature, focusing on the most efficient ways to survive in a multitude of scenarios. Depending on their assigned Vocation, each Command Officer fills a role in their assigned directives that allows for a unified squad experience.

It is important for each Officer to fill their regiments role and remember why they join CORE Command to begin with. Whether it be to protect the Pillar Lifestyle, liberate new Command Colonies, or even defend their loved ones from threats domestic and beyond, each Officer is required to keep a personal directive locked in their minds.

This is a fundamental aspect of training inside a CAA for each regiment. When an Officer starts out, they must fulfill the Command Directive 1:

  1. Report to assigned Command Post

  2. If assigned to a Squadron, Squad Commander reports to Command Official at the assigned Command Post

  3. If assigned to an Infantry, personally report to Command Official at the assigned Command Post

  4. Based on Regiment, Directive 1 entails completing a full thorough sweep of the assigned Command Post

Legend of Zyron Rath:

In the time before the CORE Reset, it is archived that the Cult of Reckoning had a resurgence that sought to revive the Will of Raygos. All that is said about the myth revolving Raygos is that it was an Evil Being that caused each of the Regal Entities to converge in order to combat its might!

However, the cult's leader was a very secretive individual at this point in time. From what the archive has gathered, they were given the title Vestige of Raygos. This Vestige had a sway with people who sought a reckoning against the greater forces across the realms.

That is until Commander Zyron Rath was assigned his first squadron. At the time, Zyron had already served Pillar Command on the Harborer for approximately 13 cycles prior. He felt the need to put all that he learned on the streets of Vo'estivez to the test, having then active General Formin Hite assign him as Commander of a Branch IV squadron.

Even though he had served for 13 cycles, he was assigned to a squadron of newly graduated cadets from Orbital 3's CAA. Being the most experienced in his squadron of five, Zyron had to whip the cadets into shape. The best way he knew how to do so was through investigatory missions in the Mission Archives.

He assigned his Operative, Saili Engle to search for strange anomalies that have yet to be explored by a Rune Forger. Hearing this assignment, Zyron's entire squadron questioned why they would go for a Rune Forger's directive instead of focusing on rescue ops or exterminations. He responded to his squadron,

"If we are to protect the worlds of the CORE, then I think it best we raise the bar to the same standards the Rune Forgers have for themselves." ~ Commander Zyron Rath

The questions ceased when Operative Engle found an anomaly mission that supposedly listed the coordinates for a build up of arcane energy originating from a sector in Votonic. Meaning, something from beyond the CORE must have had a home in the Realm of Power.

Upon this finding, Zyron's squadron took on the mission only to discover a desolate world void of any life. The squad sought to return back to the Pillar Region but Zyron knew that such a mystery should not go unsolved. There had to be a reason why an arcane build up was being tracked via the Mission Archives. Therefore, he ordered an expedition as well as scheduling a distress beacon for a 24 hour threshold. This way reinforcements would arrive before anything drastic would occur.

Although his squadron was hesitant to go on this mission, Zyron affirmed them that he would not let anything happen to them.

"At the first sign of threat, we retreat. Keep your wits about you and we will come out stronger as a Command Squad!" ~ Commander Zyron Rath

Over the course of a 15 hour journey, Zyron's squad studied and investigated the desolate world for any signs of arcane remnants. From what Operative Engle researched, she learned that arcane energy is typically a sign of Planar anomaly. This meaning it stems from beyond the CORE Realms, in the Planar Unity.

Therefore, they had to widen their search for Unlinked creatures. This meant using more mundane technologies like thermal visors and radars. Once their equipment had the proper measurements inputted, signals began appearing closer to a large crater at the equator.

They piloted over three pods into the 38 kilometer wide canyon of a crater. Still their readings suggested that the world was void of life, but the faint signal persisted. Their pilot, Reejo, along with Enforcer Vakturm, were left back at base awaiting an extraction call and keeping coms online.

Zyron, Saili, and Enforcer Fritz were in-route for the anomaly. Once reaching the signal that led them to a blocked-off cavern entrance, Zyron asked Saili who was keeping track of the signal, "How deep does the radar read?"

"Approximately 14.56 meters." Saili responds.

"Shall I ready explosives Commander?" Fritz asks as Zyron approaches the boulders that block the lower half of the cave mouth.

"Saili, do you have the prototype you showed me?"


"It has a recording beacon correct?"

"Yes, but it's still a work in progress. I haven't finalized it with Branch V yet."

"Well consider this a test run, launch the drone through the cracks so we can get a better look at what we are dealing with." Zyron commands.

Operative Saili nodded and pulled from her pack what is now known as an EDL (Engle Drone Locket) which is a high-tech surveillance drone that has holovid capture and secure storage. The usage of this prototype was what allowed Zyron and his squad to escape the clutches of the threat they faced and learn what was being planned.

There is still an archived audio-recording of what they heard that mark and here is that recording, ZR04:

As the legend goes, the ZR04 recording was transmitted to the Alliance by Zyron's squad after they fled the forces of the Vestige. The distress beacon was then sent out a few hours after Zyron had Reejo land in a nearby sector.

At this point, they were being hunted by the cult and had to lay low until CORE Command could send reinforcements. During these marks, Zyron and his squadron strategized on ways they could take down this Cult of Reckoning before their plans came to fruition.

After evading the cultist for some time, Zyron came to the conclusion that if they were going to defeat this cult, they had to do so without the help of the Rune Forgers. This meant they needed the forces of an armada to take down the cult.

Once reinforcements arrived, they had approximately 30 troops at their disposal, however, Zyron sought to expand his forces by sending a squad back to report their findings to then Admiral Frey. Plus, requesting an additional fleet to accompany them to the star-system where the cult had their base.

This took three weeks to complete, and by the end of it, Zyron had his first legion to face the Vestige and his Cult of Reckoning.

To this very mark, Zyron Rath is honored for taking initiative against a cult that Grand Sages say was the very same cult that threatened the realms before their convergence. If not for Zyron Rath, a cosmic conflict would have been eminent and the realms could have been devastated by the Will of Raygos!

Command Officials:

The leadership amongst CORE Command is said to be a vast network of officials who have proven themselves as the best officers across the Foundation Region! They command forces that are spread between the 5 Branches of Command and reported to when completing Mission Directives.

To become a Command Official, you must first become a Commander of a Command Post for at least 5 cycles. Based off of the Command Post type, it determines whether you will be given the title Admiral or General.

The following Command Officials are the most notable across the Foundation Region at the current cycle, 140 ACR:

General Fredon Mason

General Rives Plutell

Admiral Optina Mize

Admiral Inzen Voltan

Grand Admiral Dezier Reeves


Chosen Codex:

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