CORE Command: Leading Military Force

Around 45 cycles after convergence, the Rune Forgers and societal leaders on The Harborer at the time felt it necessary to protect its citizens from threats inside and out. As a result, the Runic Council signed the following into an Action:

Any denizen of the CORE that finds their way to The Harborer or any jurisdiction of the

Runic Core, will gain access to an Acolyte Assembly that will train them to become

Operatives, Enforcers, and Commanders to serve and protect the citizens of the Pillars &


This was the birth of CORE Command!

Under this banner, trillions of lives have dedicated themselves to the great service of protecting the citizens from threats on planetary & galactic scales.

In order to do so, CORE Command has an open listing for any volunteers into their forces and two training institutions called the Command Acolyte Assembly or the CAA. Each of these are either found in Vo'estivez on The Harborer or in Orbital 3 of the Runic Core.

Also under this banner, CORE Command is divided by its numerous branches that focus on specific measures:

  • Branch I: Security Division; under this branch, the many societies gain access to security in case of small internal threats

  • Branch II: Martial Division; under this branch, reinforcements are sent out as infantry and ground forces to assist Branch I in case of large internal threats

  • Branch III: Aerial & Naval Division; under this branch, reinforcements are sent out with pilots operating Pods equipped for aerial and aquatic travel

  • Branch IV: Space Division; under this branch, spacecrafts are designed and shipped out into fleets in order to protect against interplanetary invasions

  • Branch V: Science Division; under this branch, medical & technological advancements are funded directly through the annual donations made by the many societies found across the Pillars & Command Colonies

With the Branches all working in unison to ensure the protection of all Pillar & Command citizens, there are those that see an issue with how the CORE Command operates.

An insurgency has been underway for a few decades, known as Counter Command, where battles and skirmishes take place in space and on Colonies. CORE Command works to silence this threat while focusing on the safety of the Pillars and all denizens that this war has affected. After all, as General Formin Hite once said, "A force for good is a force that is threatened by the truth. And the truth is only as good as those that speak it!"

Like most of all conflicts that occur, the forces of good and evil are blurred in the face of those that watch from the sidelines. What is true and what is false is nothing more than a puzzle just waiting to be solved...

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