Counter Command: Enemies After the Reset

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

At the start of the CORE Reset, the Command Colonies found themselves a new enemy in the form of an insurgency. They call themselves Counter Command and formed due to a conspiracy that has surfaced throughout the colonies.

On Zeril 3 of Submergence in Cycle 093, a Command Officer by the name of Echelo Tyche committed an act of treachery that branded him the title of terrorist. What he did was gather a group of his fellow officers, convince them that CORE Command was lying to them about the whole reset, and conspired to overthrow the Runic Core due to rumors of the establishments involvement in the surge that caused mass amnesia.

Before Tyche and his insurgency could begin, CORE Command gathered enough intel, capturing and imprisoning the conspiracy theorist for crimes against the Pillars & Colonies.

What the officials at CORE Command failed to realize was the scope of Echelo's influence amongst the many Colonies.

Citizens of over 20 different worlds believed the theories Tyche put forward and sent out a legion of armed forces to rescue Echelo so that he may command them and take down the establishment that has infiltrated their worlds, posing as a symbol of security & peace.

Succeeding in their mission, a new war began raging throughout the Command Colonies with the Sodorian Senate working to keep peace in tact amongst the Pillars.

By Cycle 094, Echelo Tyche became the face of Counter Command and has been listed as one of the largest bounties listed in the Mission Archives. This has not stopped Tyche & his forces however, it has only emboldened them to take on CORE Command and shed light onto those they believe to have caused the reset!

Military Forces:

Throughout the realms war is an inevitable aspect of existence, as military forces are built up & sustained for multiple purposes; defensive capabilities or even conquering new worlds. These forces are made up of vast armies that work in hierarchical structures.

Note: the following content is for a Loremaster of the Reborn in Power RPG. If you are a Chosen and your LM is preparing a military campaign, please do not read ahead! Thank you!

As you plan your Reborn in Power campaign, if you are interested in incorporating warring factions, be sure to utilize the stat-blocks you find above! And once the Chosen Codex is officially released, pick one up and customize your military forces even further!

Until then, I hope these Scans find you in good health, and if death comes to you, may you be reborn in power...

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