The Diemo Mind: Rule of the Dynasty

As the Pillars have expanded themselves since the reset, there have been threats that come and go, and still the Pillars stand! However, now a threat has emerged in their own backyard and is gaining ground on the outer Command Colonies. This threat is known as the Zellic Dynasty and is filled with a sect of Newgonians that believe themselves to be superior to all other intelligent lifeforms.

That sect is known as the Diemo Cortex and has been gaining ground in their new Capital Environment of Vo'crayo.

Zellic Ideals:

Formed by followers of Monte Zellic, this religious order believes in the superior minds of Newgonians. With the reset wiping memories away, Newgonians seemed to have an easier time with their fragmentation than most other species. One of those being Monte Zellic, who had been a religious fanatic believing he knew the will of the All Father.

From his fanaticism, Zellic saw his people as 'not living to their fullest potential'. Being a Newgonian, that meant achieving intellectual superiority and that potential lives within the cerebral cortex.

The closest thing to proving that prowess has always been the Quantum Force. However, Zellic felt that to provide such technology to the lower lifeforms, or the sub-pure in his mind, was to wound the very nature of Newgonians to begin with.

What other reason would Cerebral gift his creation the ability to probe the minds of lesser, in order to access greater knowledge and understanding than all other species!

Zellic feels the pure, or translated in Votanian, diemo, are the ones that follow a path to the greatest mind a Newgonian can achieve!

Diemo Cortex:

From the rise of the dynasty, a religious temple has been assembled to host the pure and reap knowledge from the sub-pure. This temple is known as the Cerebral Cortexium to pay tribute to the All Father while also using it as a front to practice their vile traditions.

To be any creature other than a Newgonian, approaching this towering sight, is a terrifying experience to say the least. Rumors have emerged that members of Diemo Cortex have expanded their knowledge of Probing beyond what their predecessors accomplished.

This has not only caused great fear towards Vo'crayo, but it has spurred discrimination towards Newgonians who do not believe in the Diemo Cortex & the dynasty's rule.

Many in the Sodorian Alliance even fear that the Gatekeepers of the Quantum Forces have become compromised and will eventually sabotage the celestial gates once the dynasty gets word of their pending exile.

Mind Tethers:

Amongst those within Diemo Cortex, it is rumored that the way in which they've expanded their capabilities is through what is referred to as 'Mind Tethers'. These can only be used by those with the knowledge to probe.

From these Mind Tethers, a Newgonian or anyone who can probe has access greater heights within neurological formations.

There has even been a rumor that the Cortexium has sent researchers to study Voidwalkers. This might be the key to how they've perfected their probing and has subjugated the Vo'crayo populace into staying and serving the Zellic Dynasty on the Harborer. Though there other methods they could be using, their Cortexium is said to be where information gathering resides throughout the dynasty.

Diemo Cortex SFA & Stat-blocks:

The following content is for the Reborn in Power RPG. If you are a Chosen who has ties to the Diemo Cortex, you may utilize the SFA. If you are a Loremaster, you may utilize the Stat-blocks!

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