Hunter's Trap: A Phoenis Jump Route

Across the realms are a few hundred solar-systems that harbor planets you know as Command Colonies. These Colonies continue to be established by CORE Command and the Sodorian Alliance, expanding their reach throughout each realm as one of the largest interstellar civilizations found in the CORE.

However, this entry is not a guide on the Colonies themselves. No, not at all... Instead, what I will be detailing here is a Jump Route found in the Realm of Phoenis that hosts many creatures that you as a Chosen should be weary of.

Jump Routes:

Being as though I have yet to fully dive into how space travel operates throughout the CORE, I figure it's time for a little knowledge you will find in the Nebulaic Convergence: Codex 1. That being the most common form of space travel.

You see, there are four ways of travel in the CORE; Quantum Forces, Quadrants, Cosmic Tunnels, and the focus here on Jump Routes. A Jump Route is used for Jump Drives which are the most cost efficient Drive Core you can purchase for a Spacecraft.

When traveling through a route you are following the safest path through the vacuum of space. Meaning the least amount of debris, solar storms, and even away from any interstellar pirates that may be looking for a raid.

However, the Hunter's Trap is a different story...

Hunter's Trap:

A Tri-Planet route that has made quite a reputation as being the most dangerous path to take between Command Colonies found in Phoenis. Now this must sound contradictory to what I explained above on Jump Routes. Well, this route is actually the safest anyone has been able to find. That being said, how it got its name is through the society on The Nest known as Hunter's Rising.

Traveling through the route, you will come across Colony 1, which is known as Polognia, a jungle planet that is crawling with a multitude of beasts, including the Agrilok. In fact, some of the species found on this Colony have evolved on the Phoenis Pillar as well.

Polognia : Colony 1

Though CORE Command has a base of operations surrounding the Tri-Planet route, most of Polognia is considered a No-Fly Zone. This being to keep casualties to a minimum, as those that land on Colony 1 usually do not come back alive.

The leading faction of Hunter's Rising, Talons Code, usually sends their Hunters to this world as a test to see if they're ready to become a Slayer.

Expeditions sent here are for one thing usually, to showcase the strength and resolve of a great hunter. Polognia is where the route gets its name!

Once passing Colony 1, there is a dense debris field from what scientists believe to be the collision of multiple lunar satellites between the Tri-Planet route. In this debris field it is quite common to find Aricostka (Cellika Species) nesting grounds and the field takes around 4 hours to traverse.

If you are able to make it through the debris field, you will reach Colony 2, also known as Ezamell, a planet made of rock and stone. The only reason this route is apart of the Command Colonies is due to this world as it has a precious resource known as Eza-R9.

This resource is a conductive stone that when modified and refined, can provide for excellent defensive capabilities to use against spatial attackers. It can paralyze creatures before they get within 10 kilometers of a spacecraft equipped with the R9.

Both Branch IV & V of CORE Command operate directly from Ezamell. With the planet having no atmosphere, the team working at Ezamell has been stationed there since the colonization occurred. Those that work there are among the bravest of officers in the CORE.

With beasts like Agrilok and Cellika being amongst this Tri-Planet route, I'm sure you understand why this is known as the Hunter's Trap. However, there is one more world to go over.

Once you pass Colony 2, you'll come to an expanse of space that is currently being worked on by Gatekeepers to build a Quantum Force for the officers working there to have a direct path back to the Pillars and other Colonies. Beyond that is the final world in this route. Colony 3 is known as Loxina as the Verlox species originate on this planet. It is a world full of water and has been occupied by a small group of Aquorai, being as though Loxina is on the border of Phoenis & Magenium.

If you are to travel to this world, it is important to get a sense of the Verlox species as they dominate the world. There are three stages in their evolution; the 'Ezer' stage is the first. As a small fish swimming through the oceans, their beautiful scales are encased with pockets of source synapses allowing them the ability to heal their brothers & sisters.


The second stage is known as the 'Zek' stage; where at the end of an Ezerlox life-cycle, their siblings come together and through the power of their synapses they morph into a Zekilox. This allows them the ability to leave the ocean worlds and head onto land.

Being one of the first beasts to utilize kinetics in a certain capacity, many Archivists believe the source energy from the Ezer stage is what allows the Zekilox the ability to manipulate water molecules. This also means that they are smarter than the average Prime and are not to be tested. They are also the stage that gives birth to more Ezerlox to continue the cycle.

The Artelox:

It is extremely rare to come across the third stage of a Verlox lifespan, but in case you do come across it there are a few things you need to know about them. They are tied to legends that call back to the Dark Cycles throughout the CORE.

When an 'Arte' is seen it means there is most likely a build up of Void energy somewhere near. It could mean a Voidwalker or a Consumed Hoard has made its way to the planet. Even so, the legends state that Artelox are the bane of Voidwalkers. If you are to be traveling around during the Submergence Array, it would be smart to find worlds where Verlox roam.

The following Stat-block is for a Loremaster's Eyes only! If your Chosen travel to a world with Verlox during the Submergence Array, have fun with showing the beauty of the 'Arte'

Thank you for reading this entry! I hope you enjoyed the expanse of this lore and look forward to hearing how it will change your Reborn in Power campaigns! The exclusive content found above will be available to all, as a 2020 Christmas gift, from me to you... Have fun with the worlds explored in the Hunter's Trap and beyond!

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