The Karvers: Interstellar Pirates

Traveling through the cosmos can be a dangerous thing, especially when using a sub-optimal Jump Drive. Under these circumstances, many things can happen when you least expect them to. Things like solar storms, debris fields, and the occasional Karverian raid

Karver Steel:

There have only been a few sightings of Karverian, better known as Karvers. These three legged creatures have evolved to the stage of interstellar travel but some Archivists speculate that Karvers do not live on planets. Instead they jump from craft to craft in order to survive on the supplies that are stocked, hence why they are considered pirates.

Their name comes from Votanian, meaning the steel blades. This is due to their legs and claws being made from a steel alloy that is able to cut through spacecraft hulls.

If you do get raided by Karvers, they will do one of two things; (1) Kill all living creatures found on the spacecraft in order to take it for themselves or (2) Capture and enslave, taking you to their mothership. Trust me when I say, you'd rather take the first option.

In order to protect against these raids, Karvers are said to be vulnerable to sound bursts. Some suggest this to be the reason they do not make a home on a planet as there is no sound in space.

Take this information with you as you travel through the cosmos as a Chosen, you'll definitely need it!

Karver Stat-blocks:

NOTE: The following content is meant for a Loremaster's eyes only. If you are a Chosen, respect your LM's choices in creatures they throw at you and your squad.

As a Loremaster, it is your job to guide your Chosen through the realms, posing to them challenging encounters to go along with their exploration of the cosmos. Karver Raids are among those scenarios.

Typically, Karvers will only raid spacecrafts that are travelling using Jump capabilities, which entails using thrusters. Note: space mechanics will be featured in Codex 1: Nebulaic Convergence. If your squad of Chosen operate a small spacecraft, there is only a 5% chance of them being raided by Minions. If operating a Medium craft, that percentage increases by 15. Then with Large & Titanic spacecrafts, the percentage chance is around 75-80%. The following are the amount of Karvers that attend these raids:

  • Small Spacecraft: 6 Karver Minions will try to kill and steal the craft

  • Medium Spacecraft: 6 Karver Minions & 1 Karver Raider will either kill or capture the crew of the craft, depends on the Raider

  • Large Spacecraft: 12 Karver Minions & 3 Karver Raiders will attempt to kill and capture crew members and steal the craft

  • Titanic Spacecraft: 15 Karver Minions & 5 Karver Raiders will attempt to kill and capture crew members and steal the craft

Once you have decided to utilize these creatures for a story arch or just a fun session to scare your Chosen from travelling through Jumps, you may access the following Scans for the Karverian Stat-blocks. Note: the content found here will be up for a limited time!

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