Zonar-A2: The King's Call

Approximately 16 cycles after the reset occurred, the first Command Colonies began being established. Amongst those colonies was the World of Zonar, a planet made of obsidian. When word of this world reached the Rune Forgers, they felt it necessary to send a few of their own to see what awaits them there.

Being as though obsidian is said to be linked with the Dark Void, there was a debate on whether Zonar should even be considered a potential colony. One side believed that the world could bare great knowledge on how to defeat Voidwalkers whenever submergence would come around. The other side felt that toying with such matters could spark an up rise from the consumed.

A vote was held and by Cycle 018, Zonar became a Command Colony. However, the Rune Forgers felt that if it came to Zonar becoming a colony, they should have jurisdiction over the world. Therefore, the scientists that study the world reported directly to the Rune Forgers instead of CORE Command. What they found was something, well, powerful to say the least.

Artifact 2: The Saber

The following information was recorded by Archivist Equor who worked alongside Master Forger, Aether Veil. Here are his findings:

"Though the reset wiped the minds of the CORE denizens, the Archives that still stand allow us to gather information from the past. Whether that information is correct or not, we still are exploring the realms to gather what we can. However, when it comes to the Zonar Colony, many entries are highlighted from before the reset, and more questions arise.

Made entirely of obsidian, we believe the world was shifted into this from an artifact that was recently discovered. Myself, the Science Division under me, and Master Veil have done planetary scans that report no signs of life. This is contradictory to what we have discovered, the world once bloomed with life. Upon exploring Zonar, there was a prime culture that had flourished but is now encased in the obsidian.

We have labeled these people the Zonarites, but now our focus is on the artifact that was discovered. A radiant saber that seems to have been planted into a volcano at the equator.


We believe A2 to be a product of a religious cult that has few recordings in the Archives. They are know as The Inner Flame, and worship a deity called The Eternal Flame.

The saber is inscribed with a runic Votanian, that reads 'A heart of ember, burning for the King that calls the flame.' We believe this artifact to have controlled the flow of lava across the entire world until it was encased and sealed by obsidian.

A2 has been taken off Zonar and placed into a highly secure vault where it will be studied for many cycles to come. Our hope is to find a way to reverse the tragedy that the Zonarites suffered."

~ Archivist Equor

The Inner Flame:

There have been few sightings of Inner Flame gatherings since A2 was discovered in Cycle 018. The Rune Forgers suspect that they're operating in the Algarez Nebula of the Nebulaic Convergence. Due to this, an expanded Codex on the Nebulaic Convergence will be made available once all the Scans have been completed!

As for the current information regarding this cult, their deity is said to be the King of Fire, suspected to have originated in Votonic due to the inscription found on A2. Though, due to the reset, the experts that once wrote about this King have either lost their memories or met their demise. Until the scans are out, we won't know the extent of this King's Call...

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