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Updated: Jan 16

As you explore the 5 Pillars of the CORE, one place that is considered a sacred location for Arkayan's & Sages alike is the Library of Gen. To the east of Capital Zagor, on the northwestern continent of Lorell, the grand archives of knowledge stood for countless millennia until the reset occurred. It is said, that right before the reset a terrible geoquake devastated the plains and forest land that made up Lorell.

In the wake of this aftermath, the original library had been destroyed and with the reset wiping the memories of all the sages, all the knowledge from the library was lost. It took the better part of a decade and even further to rebuild the library and begin the process in gathering knowledge to advance Lorell back to before the reset.

Since the reset & the geoquake destroyed all chances of the former archives to be revitalized, the Seven Sages of Magenium felt it necessary to explore the many worlds of their realm and gather as much information as they could.

On Arkaya, one Grand Sage Orchellis took the initiative to establish Lorell as a place for all who venture there to access great knowledge and lore from the realms. Under his leadership and guidance a new nation was built.

Known as Sage Sanctorium, the Seven Solarities and Sodorian Senate both expressed their overwhelming support in this new nation. Which in turn prompted a new archive to also be built on The Harborer for Sages to be welcomed from all walks of life!

Disciple to a Loremaster:

Becoming a Sage in the Reborn in Power Tabletop RPG is the closest you will get to accessing meta-knowledge. What I mean by this is that Sages are in essence the Vocation for players to begin their learning process of the lore and eventually become Loremasters themselves.

Many Sages at the Library of Gen know the realms to be guided by the hands of powerful entities. In fact, the Seven Sages believe there to be much greater forces at work that pull the strings of fate beyond the realms.

Order of Writs:

Under the belief of the Seven Sages comes the Writs; beings of multiversal knowledge that write the fate of all living beings. Practiced as a religion, this belief is known as Zeumortex, defined by the Grand Sages as where all energy, matter, & life coalesce from.

To these Sages, there is nothing apart from Zeumortex. It gathers all information straight from the Writs that have bestowed endless amounts of knowledge to the inhabitants of this ever-expanding existence, and yet, even the Writs that seal the fate of those living in Zeumortex are still bound by the same rules they dictate.

For Sages, a Writ is their teacher, their mentor, their God, and they will do all they can to learn from them so that they can one day ascend to the level of writ and know the truth of their reality, that even the Writs are controlled by those outside of their existence (us).

Reborn in Power RPG Content Coming Soon!

As you expand your Reborn in Power campaigns you will be able to receive Scans that feature Sage content. To access the scans, become a subscriber of either Chosen or Loremaster status.

If you are interested in writing your own content and becoming a Loremaster here on the site, you can sign up as a member and take the Disciple's Ruling in order to receive the Loremaster Badge! Until then be safe, stay safe, and if death comes to you, may you be reborn in power...

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