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Across every civilizations culture resides a political structure that functions to gain power over the individuals that make up society. On the Pillar of Arkaya, that structure is known as the Magen Kastel, translated to Mage House, each nation holds different Kastels that operate as the nobility of their people.

Also, when apart of the Kastel, you enter into the Ring of Eneso, sometimes referred to as the inner circle. This is a tricky matter as since the Arkayan Conflict and Battle of Mages, the ring is full of countering opinions. Though they all share one thing and that is their Magen Links!


There are many Kastels found on Arkaya that hold Arch-Mages in their midst. Though in the ring, all houses are deemed equal in standing, Kastels that have Arch-Mages in their nobility are considered to be highly respected as they are the most powerful of mages. This does not mean, however, that the Kastel has more authority over the course the Arkayan cultures wish to pursue. Instead, Arch-Mages are seen more as individual symbols that showcase the mastery of the magical arts!

The following individuals are the current Arch-Mages of Arkaya:

  • Arkaizia Dalai: born from the Dalai Kastel, her calm demeanor is a welcoming aura as her light brunette hair flows as if a slight breeze is at a constant brush. Her elegance has not faded in the century she has lived.

  • Ruthane Dumair: born from the Dumair Kastel, his stoic presence sets him apart from the other Arch-Mages, as once he enters a room all Mages in the vicinity are struck with awe at his magical potential. He commands great respect and is rarely ever challenged.

  • Lucien Colesce: born from the Colesce Kastel, his magical energy has overflown as he followed the path of the Azori and manifested a pure Cryo-link. His link is always active and has a freezing aura, although his personality is quite warm.

  • Ignno Embroz: born from the Embroz Kastel, her fiery personality and anxious drive to test herself is what gave her the title of Arch-Mage. When standing before her, it is crucial to never compare her with anyone but the greatest of adversaries.

Ring of Enesion:

Expanded around the Arkist Academy are the Kastels. The estates form a ring approximately 40 kilometers around, the following estates are among the Magen Kastel:

  • Kastel Azami: founded in Cycle 019, the Azami lineage is focused on the physical enhancers of magical energy, utilizing the unique Vital-link, they are able to heal and amplify biological life to extend life and attempt supernatural feats of strength

  • Kastel Colesce: founded BCR, the Colesce lineage is from the Lorell Peaks, surviving the coldest winters with their mastery of the Cryo & Hydro-link. They are one of the most notable lineages as many Arkayan's who are not part of a Kastel seek to Soul Bond into the Colesce bloodline

  • Kastel Dalai: founded BCR, the Dalai lineage is known for their Aero-links and as being one of the three founding Kastels. Since the Arkayan Conflict, the Dalai have focused their efforts at making their Pillar a better place to live

  • Kastel Dumair: founded BCR, the Dumair lineage were the formers of Eneso, utilizing their Geo-links in order to mold the civilization around natural formations. Now seen as the most commonly found link, Dumair is a household name for many Arkayan's

  • Kastel Embroz: founded in Cycle 009, the Embroz lineage formed out of the difficult to master and chaotic Pyro-link. However, once manifested, the Embroz were able to claim not just a seat in the Kastel but a Arch-Mage on the Enam Court in Cycle 028

  • Kastel Krysol: founded BCR, the Krysol lineage is apart of the three founding Kastels, being the Kastel of all Arkaya, Krysol tend to be gifted in the Magen Flow Ability utilizing a multitude of links at the same time

  • Kastel Niomu: founded BCR, the Niomu lineage is the last of the three founding Kastels, being from Quxia, they are mostly religious as they worship the Goddess that gifts Arkayan's Magen Links

  • Kastel Ravvo: founded in Cycle 016, the Ravvo lineage is known to consist of Psi-link users that manipulate the minds of their enemies. Most Arkayan's show prejudice against the Ravvo due to their abilities being untrustworthy

  • Kastel Seren: founded BCR, the Seren lineage was originally one of the most notable Kastels until they helped escalate the tensions of the Arkayan Conflict. Now they fight for political power against the Niomu

  • Kastel Sor: founded in Cycle 030, the Sor lineage has made a name for itself as being tied to the Plasmatic traditions, utilizing the Ion-link. One of the smallest of Kastels as they were the last Kastel to have entered into the ring

Arkayan Mythos:

There is one place on Arkaya where most, if not all, Arkayan's come in order to learn & experience their cultural traditions. That location is known as the Arkist Academy! Founded PCR, the academy supposedly originated from the long lost Arkist Regime that explored the shifts of Magenium. This was a time before the Magen Links were around and before Arkaya was a world.

As the mythos goes, in that time, the Gens of Ravxon & Korse were at a constant clash, fighting over who would claim Elicc as their own. This was a time before the Gods came to be and Magenium was but a new found Pium exploring the Planar Unity for an identity. When the Arkist Regime formed, they formed under the Shift of Korse to bring order to all life throughout their realm.

That order was in direct contrast with how life operates, as many began fighting back against the regime. The most notable of them was a man named Zemnik Arkay. He sought to challenge the regime through the gathering of 14 individuals, creating the two orders that worked in tangent; Seven Solarities & Seven Sages.

In the end, Elicc sought to grant Zemnik power beyond that of the regime, and as the legend goes he was granted divine energy to take the form of a celestial marble. Thus' came the birth of Arkaya.

The Quxi Gua:

After forming, a Prime species came to be on Arkaya. This was during a time where the continents were all one, and at the center of the landmass came the tablet of Quxi Gua. The Seven Sages guided the ancient Arkayan toward learned to read, write, and study the arcane arts. Through the script of Mag'ili the Arkayans began adding to the Quxi Gua, detailing their findings of how life in Magenium came to be.

It wasn't until several myriad of generations went by that the pantheon began to form. After wars were raged, all in the name of vengeance, the Elder God Venge was written into the Quxi Gua. If wars ceased and treaties signed, then it was the work of the Elder Goddess Armistice, thus she was written as well.

What the Arkayans didn't realize was that the tablet was given to them by the Gen of Elicc in order to write out the will of Zemnik Arkay, as the Arkayans are considered a part of their world's very essence.

Once the landmasses shifted after eras of peace and war, the Quxi Gua was considered the center of the world. This is when Quxia was formed.

Magen Links:

The primary form of Magical Manifestation did not flourish until the Goddess Nium was written into the Quxi Gua. She resembled the Arkayan's belief in Magenium and her many gifts to their people. The ultimate gift was the link shared between them and their realm. Therefore, Magen Links came to be known as the new form of arcane arts.

Taking from the chaos that is arcane and mixing in order to become more stable. These magical tattoos manifest an individuals energy given to them by the Realm of Magenium.

The first Magen Links that came to manifest were the Elementals. Due to Nium being the Goddess of Elements, the Geo Link was the first link to be mastered. It was at this time the continent of Eneso was formed with the Dumair.

With Eneso formed, many Arkayans traveled there to master the Magen Links, and thus gave rise to the Arkist Academy. It was from this academy that Mages came to known as the Kastel came to form.

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