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Updated: Oct 11, 2020

What does it mean to 'choose'? Some say a choice gives us an illusion of free will, others say that a choice paints a picture as to who we are or who we would like to become. For me, I believe choices are the driving force of what it means to be 'consciously aware'.

For all of us, when we make a decision, there is a thought process involved before, during, and after the choice has been made. Each decision carries a lasting affect on the reality surrounding us, not just for ourselves, but it causes a trickle down phenomena that ultimately can change the course of history.

Now why am I talking about this? This entry is focused solely on Reborn in Power and how I've developed it to be highly customizable. It is just a game, however, the concept of choice is extremely important not just in games, but in reality in general. This is why we play games in the first place! An escape from reality, to make decisions we wouldn't normally make, and to see how those choices ultimately shift the story from start to finish.

So how does customization tie into choices? Most of everything is a choice, including how you go about doing your hair in the morning, brushing your teeth (whether or not you do), or even the clothing you wear. In Reborn in Power, the goal was to create a system in which gives players as much freedom to make their own decisions on how their character would be made. This even includes when and how the player will level up their character.

I found that progression in games similar to RIP, the player always waits in suspense for their next 'level up', so instead I designed RIP so that when enough experience, or in this case Chosen Points (CP), is accumulated the player gets to decide where and how they wish to spend those points.

Now, having a lot of choices can be very overwhelming, especially for those who are not used to the process. This is where I've worked on building RIP to be supportive of players who just want to focus on one thing. Much like that of D&D 5e, in regards to their class system, Reborn in Power allows for players to choose a Vocation and reap the benefits of said Vocation.

Where it differs from 5e is that players are not required to stay locked into a single Vocation. They won't get the full benefits based off the choice they made, however the Skills, Feats, and/or Abilities (SFA) a character can possess have a wide range of applications in many different scenarios. Taking away limitations and instead providing benefits has made it an entertaining experience for players as they progress through the game.

Now, there are usually two types of players when it comes to Tabletop RPGs, the Player Characters and the Gamemaster (GM). In Reborn in Power's case, the Loremaster & their Chosen. For a GM, the creative process is a time-consuming yet rewarding experience, all while being able to customize a story either from a template or completely homebrewed. In a sense, that role already has customization nailed down, however my goal to optimize customization was not finished when it came to how the Chosen operate.

In order for Loremasters to reap the benefits of customization I had to make the system easily altered and play with a few concepts. When I said that players have a choice of SFA, the iteration of RIP before the current kept players locked into a Vocation just like 5e. It wasn't until I realized the easiest way for a Loremaster to homebrew would be to cut out most of that work. Now instead of trying to homebrew an entire class, there only needs to be a single feature.

It did not stop there; I focused solely on making each aspect of the game easy to modify & self-replicate so now any player that becomes well-versed with the system will be able to homebrew their own mechanics and potentially even be able to produce their own material for the Reborn in Power RPG.

Therefore, I will be placing homebrew templates into the Chosen Codex for players to have their fun with making their own content, possibly even better than what I've created. If you do this once the Chosen Codex has released, send me an email and we can discuss producing your own codex entries that will further expand the Reborn in Power RPG and allow you an avenue to create your own content!

In the end it is all a choice, and I sincerely hope that you will choose to become reborn in power. And if you do, join me in expanding this universe further than I could have imagined!

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