Reborn in Power: Vocations

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

When it comes to Classes in games, players ultimately love the thrill of choosing their character's profession. In Reborn in Power, the goal is to reach the same effect without the limitations that classes present. Limitations like all the class restrictions; not being able to wield certain weapons or armor, only being offered specific abilities, unable to truly customize your character.

Due to this, Vocations are accessible through the Origin Path of a Chosen. An Origin Path being where the Chosen began their journey before the story commenced. From these paths a Chosen receives talent points, specified gear categories to choose from, and the Vocation Benefit!

The two images you see are Scans from the Chosen Codex detailing the 12 Vocations, their category, and a description of what it entails. Read through each one and determine which Vocation you might be reborn as.

Once a Vocation is chosen, the next step would be to choose one of the 3 Benefits that every Chosen is presented in their Origin Paths.

Vocation Benefits:

Found on Scan 50 of the Chosen Codex, three benefits are described. As a Chosen you may only choose ONE at first level. The only time you may choose another is by Prestiging Note: this means reaching Level 12 and continuing to gather Chosen Points (CP)

The 3 Vocation Benefits are:

Auto-TP in SFA: Receive Talent automatically in Skills, Feats, and/or Abilities (SFA) that correspond with your chosen Vocation

SFA Cost Reduced: The CP cost of SFA that correspond with your Vocation is reduced equal to Chosen's Level + the amount of Vocation SFA

Status Increase: Max Health, Stamina, or Energy is increased equal to Chosen's Level + the amount of Vocation SFA.

Once a Benefit has been chosen you can begin the process of obtaining your Skills, Feats, and/or Abilities (SFA) that correspond with the Vocation you chose.

The following Skill is shown to describe to you how Vocations are labeled on them:

As shown above, each SFA has two Vocations corresponding with it, sometimes more or none depending on what it does. As you obtain a variety of these SFA, your Chosen will be uniquely qualified to handle various situations that occur within the CORE Realms.

Now go and explore the worlds that you may one day become apart of in Reborn in Power! #rip #reborninpowerrpg #RIP1v #vocations #systemmechanics #SFA #tabletoprpg

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