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Command Colony Rento


Rento Command Colony 3-28:

  1. Link to the Realms: Command Colony Rento is linked to the Cosmic Realm, which is known for its advanced technology, space exploration, and cosmic anomalies.

  2. Cycle and Foundation Initiatives: Command Colony Rento was established in Array 3 - Cycle 28 ACR and has completed all 5 Foundation Initiatives. On top of this Rento has done the following:

  • Establishing a communication network between the colony and other space stations in their quadrant.

  • Setting up a research facility to study cosmic anomalies and develop new technologies for space travel.

  • Developing advanced spacecraft designs and testing them in the Array Annual Pod Tournament.

  • Establishing a network of fueling and repair stations for spacecraft passing through their quadrant.

Analysis from an Alliance Archivist:

As an Alliance Archivist part of a Foundation Squadron who had discovered Rento, I am impressed with the colony's focus on spacecraft design and the technological advancements they have made in this area. The Rentonites' hyper focus on spacecraft design has led to the establishment of one of the largest Cosmic Stations in the Foundation Region, making Rento a hub for space exploration and commerce.

The Array Annual Pod Tournament is a testament to the Rentonites' commitment to excellence in spacecraft design and innovation. Technicians and pilots from all over the region come to Rento to challenge themselves and showcase their skills in designing and piloting pods.

In addition, Rento's expertise in spacecraft repairs and fueling has made it a popular destination for space travelers passing through the region. This has led to increased trade opportunities and the establishment of a thriving economy in Rento.

Overall, Rento is a valuable addition to the Alliance and the Cosmic Realm. Its technological advancements in spacecraft design, research on cosmic anomalies, and expertise in repairs and fueling make it a crucial hub for space exploration and commerce in the Foundation Region.


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