The Rune Forgers

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

On Cycle 24, the Regal Entities that formulate the realms came together to create a being of pure energy. The energy placed in this being marked the beginning of what is known as core energy.

As the being grew, the entities guided their creation to form an order that safeguards the energies of the CORE. And so the Rune Forgers were born!

To understand Rune Forgers, we must first discuss the energies they protect. There are 8 types of energies that all meld together into what is known as core energy.

Mystical Internal Energies:

The following Energy Types are considered Mystical Internals as they focus on the inner soul of a creature/object:

Source: the life energy that resides in all living creatures

Spark: the electrical flow of lightening and technology

Magical: the arcane arts that focuses on ritualistic casting

Tonic: the potential energy that comes from every movement

Void: the corruption and consumption of an individuals psyche

Manipulation External Energies:

The following Energy Types are considered Manipulation External as they focus on the outer reality of the surrounding environment:

Kinetic: the manipulation of atomic particles

Quantum: the manipulation of subatomic structures to shape reality

Cosmic: the manipulation of spacetime structures to shape reality

Now that you have a general understanding of the energies, why do the Rune Forgers need to safeguard these energies? The answer is simple!

All living creatures in the CORE are born with core energy.

If the energies of the CORE is threatened in any way then it is a Rune Forgers duty to protect the citizens from having their energy snuffed out.

Though Rune Forgers not only act as protectors, they also act as enforcers of law. Some Forgers seek out creatures that have come from beyond the Planar Unity and either infuse them with core energy to keep track of them, send them back the way they came, or end their life. It all depends on the purpose of the creature. Being as though the Order of Rune Forgers is the highest order in the CORE, their Headquarters is an ultimate base designed to keep watch on threats beyond the CORE and threats from within.

Known as the Runic Core, this base is simultaneously attached and detached from its itself, using entanglement to keep the 4 orbitals on the borders of the CORE connected.

Orbital 1: Near the Realm of Evemore, this orbital is the part of the Runic Core that holds the Rune Forgers and their Elite Council. Every Master Forger has their own Chambers within Orbital 1 and acolytes of the order report to them here.

Orbital 2: Near the Realm of Synchronis, this orbital is the part of the Runic Core that provides the Rune Forgers with direct access to Archival Information regarding all the realms. The Aragora is what they call the Archive as it is an A.I. that was created by Synchronis itself.

Orbital 3: Near the Realm of Phoenis, this orbital is the part of the Runic Core that provides CORE Command with its fleet and a larger C.A.A. (Command Acolyte Assembly) than that of the Pillars.

Orbital 4: Near the Realm of Magenium, this orbital is the part of the Runic Core that holds the Sodorian Senate, the culmination of all Diplomatic and Political figures who generate the laws throughout the CORE Pillars.

Archival Retrieval:

For the Rune Forgers, they have learned to face threats head-on in a number of ways. Being as though they were the first Order to grow out of the conglomerate, Rune Forgers have a strict training regimen.

The first task a Rune Forger must take is to become aware of the realms in their entirety. This means travelling across the CORE and seeing many world's and civilizations that most people will never get a chance to see in their lifetime.

During this exploration, a Rune Forger must focus themselves in order to be able to visually see the energies that make up the CORE. This is formally known as Rune Seeking.

The second task all Rune Forgers commonly experience is the union between themselves and one of the eight energy types. This usually comes in the form of a pure energy known as an Azorius. Though highly rare to come across there are a few hundred locations throughout the CORE Realms that Azori make their claim.

These locations are considered natural phenomena chosen by the Regal Entities that formulated the CORE in the first cycle. It is said that when an individual born in the CORE spends 1 full cycle in an Azorius, their energy becomes heightened and the type of Azorius melds with the individual becoming a part of the realms themselves.

In this knowledge, there have been several Rune Forgers in the past that took the time to spend 1 full cycle in an Azorius. When returning, they were granted the title Azor Forger and are considered influxes themselves.

Though, most Rune Forgers, when coming across an Azorius, experience a change in their core energy. This change comes about once they have left the Azorius, causing the Forger to have an ease of access with the energy type the Azorius was linked to.

The Azori:

On the eve of Cycle 91, the first Azor Forger came to be. The story is considered a legend throughout the realms, as to meet an Azor Forger is an extremely rare occurrence. To understand why this is comes from the Legend of Azorius.

In this legend, an apprentice Rune Forger named Azorius sought out a world that the natives considered a Goddess. On that world, Azorius found himself being drawn to the world for its deep connection with the flow of energy.

Intrigued by this, the young Forger took the time to research the world to see what he could find out. The connection made between the world and its natives was astounding. So much so that he dedicated his life to understanding and protecting the world he had found.

While on the world, Azorius learned about the natives and how they are born from a Tree of Life known as Moriot. When heading to this tree, Azorius found the energy flowing through it was vibrantly radiating pure source energy. Nothing like he had ever seen. Therefore, he decided to stay on this world and study the effects of the tree.

It wasn't until a cycle later that Azorius found his own core energy shift into a more purer form of Source Energy. Upon this realization, he took his findings to the Elite Council. This turn of events brought about the decision to bring the Pillar of Moriot into the CORE and gave Azorius the title of Master Forger.

It was then that Azorius began sending his apprentices to seek out other places that hold a build up of pure energy. Soon after Azorius passed on, a new denomination of Rune Forgers were born calling themselves the Azor Forgers as they believed Azorius was one of the most greatest Rune Forgers and sought to continue his legacy.

Master Forgers:

Becoming a Master Forger is a feat in itself. To be named a Master Forger, a Rune Forger must accomplish one of the following:

  • Establish up to 5 new Runic Abilities

  • Further the development of the Order

  • Defeat a threat against the energies

Once every Array a list of Master Forger nominations are sent to the Elite Council to vote on the next Masters. Only 3 Masters are chosen in this process. Once an Apprentice is nominated to be a Master, that Apprentice is considered a full fledged Rune Forger that no longer needs to have a Master.

Current Masters:

As of the CORE Reset there are approximately 6 Master Forgers that build up the orders acolytes. Here they are from strongest to weakest:

  • Korro Rath: a Prime given the title Ener Core, he is tasked with protecting the CORE Realms from Energy threats of the highest level

  • Aussima Loniz: a Ra-Yen that was originally a high ranking Operative in CORE Command, she takes on the most apprentice Forgers out of all Masters

  • Olso Wellik: a Raveni Cantol that is tasked by the Elite Council to evaluate the Pillars and the threat they present toward each other

  • Emon Orkovin: a Prime that focuses on training Runic Shift Abilities, formally known as the Orkovin Tradition

  • Emilia Celeste: a Prime that trains apprentices that are less likely to be adept at Rune Forging, she brings out the energy in her apprentices

  • Aether Veil: a Revaltic Newgonian that focuses their attention on the manipulation energies that command existence, no one knows the full extent of Veils power

  • Ariel Sor: a Prime that runs the logistics between the Pillars & Command Colonies for all Rune Forger matters

With these Masters at the helm of the Order, aspiring Chosen have a chance to become reborn as a Rune Forger.

Now it is time for the most exciting part! The Runic Abilities that come from this Codex Entry!


Runic Abilities:

Becoming a Rune Forger is a unique experience as they are the most utility based Vocation out of all in the Chosen Codex. For this Codex Entry you will gain access to the following Runic Abilities:

With this Codex Entry complete, you are ready to be reborn as a Rune Forger and follow down a path to keep the CORE from falling apart. Good luck Chosen, may you be reborn in power!

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