Tree of Life: Birth of the Retikon

As you may have gathered from The Rune Forgers entry, Moriot was first discovered by Forger Azorius. However, the story of Moriot is quite unique as it was originally a desolate landscape, uninhabitable to many forms of life until a new era emerged from the seeds that were planted millions of cycles ago.

Spark of Dawn:

In the Realm of Evemore, there were once two separate eras have coalesced in on each other, forming the Evemore Pantheon that is said to guide sentient beings through the chaotic path of their emotions. Each entity under the pantheon is split between the eras, those from Dusk and those from Dawn.

If most pure-evemore beings fall to one side of the spectrum then the entire realm will fall out of balance and enter into that era until the other is able to make a resurgence.

Moriot was one of these balancing acts, as the previous eons were centered around the Era of Dusk, a group of Grand Sages known as Eze'ora Zaimon (translates to Historical Shift) planted a seed that came from the Planar Unity and grew into the grand Tree of Life that gave birth to the Retikon species!

Tree of Life:

Traveling through the Realm of Evemore there are a multitude of worlds that have been planted with trees that grant trials and give birth to the Retikon. The most famous of these trees is the one known as Moriot, as it was the first of its kind.

The roots of these massive Azori extend across celestial spheres as they bring life back to demolished worlds.

The seeds of these are spread throughout the world so that anyone can gather them and travel to other planets and plant them.

Once planted, it will take around a decade for it to be fully grown and will then begin the creation process which gives birth to the embryonic stage of a Retikon life.

Those that guard the trees are the Shorosk Shaman as they guide individuals seeking emotional enlightenment from the mystical visions the trees grant, sending them into visual landscapes where the pantheon is said to reside.

Retikon Life:

On the Pillar of Moriot, the Retikon thrive as a culture of shaman & warriors. Stand tall at a range of 6-9 feet, these towering creatures have a strong sense of attachment to their world. Though they aren't the most advanced civilization, they make up for it in their strength of will and devotion to their people.

As already explained above, there are several worlds with trees of life planted and many more coming in the future. With the expanse of this universe, there will be other Retikon cultures that are introduced in future entries and official Codices. Until then, be safe, stay safe, and if death comes to you, may you be reborn in power...

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