Visions & Mystics: Expanding Reborn in Power

Senses are extremely important, especially when running a game that focuses on a players imagination to immerse them. With that being said, one of the most notable skills in any Tabletop Roleplaying Game is the skill of Perception!

This allows one to utilize the senses they have to discern something from their surroundings that they may not have previously noticed. In Reborn in Power, sight and vision is crucial in the advancement of your Chosen's progression.

As you may know from the Skills, Feats, and Abilities (SFA), you can utilize them in a number of ways that will assist you in your journey to the CORE Realms. Out of the three, Feats are the unique ones as they do not have a resource cost. Instead, they have a number of uses per Mark (day) equal to the Feats rank. This makes them valuable for any type of character, whether it be a physical, mental, or mystical style of play.

Some Feats help physical characters more, some meant for mental, and others for mystical, but RIP is meant to blur the lines between the typical archetypes we usually see.

In this entry, out of the many Feats you will come across, I will be dedicating time to diving into how vision works in the CORE Realms. Now let's get started!

Standard Vision:

All creatures throughout the CORE Realms have a standard vision between 60-120 feet. If not specified otherwise, always assume that a creature is able to see using standard vision. However, note that your Loremaster can always adjust any creature to have any of the following visions.

Thermal Vision (Enhancement):

Only available as an Enhancement, Thermal Vision is exactly as you'd expect. However, due to it being an enhancement, the only way to improve its range is through taking it to a Calibrator who will be able to fix you up something nice.

Night Vision:

With all creatures having the capacity to visually see, some are able to shift their sight into a more nocturnal visual spectrum. This can assist in dimly lit to dark interior/exterior spaces. If gone without a light source and you have no way of visually seeing your foes, you will be at a disadvantage, considered blinded until you can see. This vision negates that effect!

Tremor Vision:

Another type of vision comes from the ground as there are those able to sense vibrations from beneath in order to locate objects surrounding them. This is especially useful when permanently blinded!

Kinetic Vision:

Entering into the realm of mysticism, the molecular structures that function within the CORE send vibrating waves toward one that can sense them. Very similar to the Tremor Vision, but instead this vision allows for miniscule movements to be detected, sometimes it could be overwhelming if untrained.

Spirit Vision:

Across the CORE Realms, life comes in many forms. Some more exotic than others, and from those exotic species comes the Spirit Domain, apart of the Magenium realm. It is known that life does not end at death, and with such knowledge comes the realization that there are some spirits that do not pass over to their rebirth.

With Spirit Vision, there are those able to not only visually see the ethereal forms of these creatures, but they can also speak with them.

Quantum Vision:

Beyond general comprehension comes a vision that transcends the very fabric of reality. Out of all visions, this is the most difficult to master as it is an overwhelming force that allows you visual of alternate timelines.

Once entered into a quantum vision, you no longer just see your own conscious reality but you break into realities that could be occurring simultaneously. And with such a vision, those wielding it have the potential to even change reality.

The Kalo:

From the visions that permeate the senses of existence comes the mystics that utilize these senses in order to heighten their scope on the realms themselves. These mystics all know of each other but are also separated by the far reaches of the cosmos. To come across one is of a rare occurrence, some Sages even say they are a bridge to the greater Writs that write the fabric of reality into place.

All of these mystics are known as The Kalo, not going by any specific title except for that. They have no name, no identity apart from them being The Kalo.

If coming across one of these ancient mystics, they tend to hold themselves suspended in a pocket dimension, known as a vort'hono, at the center of gas giants. If a pilot is able to navigate the hazardous environment of these celestial spheres, there would be a 3% chance that they could encounter a vort'hono that hosts a large body of Orb Visors in an ever-expanding library.

Once inside, the only way out is through The Kalo, and typically they will have an assistant that tends to the visors found throughout the library while they discover new senses.

Orb Visor:

Found in the vort'hono halls are thousands of glass orbs that fluctuate with mesmerizing energies. Once a creature touches them, they are transported to random locations based off of the conscious mind.

If they are in a positive state, then the location has a higher chance of having a positive effect. If in a neutral state, then it could be of benefit as well. Just do not allow yourself to enter with conflict growing as that could lead to a devastating consequence.

You can gain access to the exclusive Orb Visor through subscribing to the Reborn in Power SubscribeStar or become a backer of the Reborn in Power Kickstarter

Thank you for reading this entry! I'm very excited for the coming few weeks as the Kickstarter launches on February 7th and I am preparing for the second season of the Arthadian Anthologies Podcast!

Any amount of support will help me as I move forward at expanding this Universe. 2021 will be a big year with a lot of new things coming your way and the kick-off for it all will be Reborn in Power! Thank you all, and if death comes to you, may you be reborn in power!

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