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Chosen Creation: V1.0

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Ready to be reborn? Join a new way to be immersed through Chosen Creation! In this first Reborn in Power: Study, you will find the knowledge to create your very own Chosen in the CORE Realms! You will learn the system mechanics of the Reborn in Power Tabletop RPG. There are two sections in this Study! Chosen Creation & Exploring the CORE. For Chosen Creation, it will consist of the proper mechanics for you to comprehend in order to build and progress your Chosen. In Exploring the CORE, that's where you will learn how exploration & combat works. Attribute Phase: - Attribute Descriptions - Point Buy System - Rolling System - Status Scores Alien Access: - Race vs Subrace - Racial Rank - Racial Benefits (Attribute Bonus, Physique, etc...) - Alien Access Scans Origin Paths: - Talent Points (With Universals vs Access) - Origin Knowledge (Choice of 4) - Vocation Benefit - Origin Faction (Choice of 4) - Origin Path Scans Progression Phase: - Ranking System (Universal vs Access vs Gear) - Leveling System - Status Scores (Repeat)+Critical Health Access Phase: - Access Template - How To - Primaries & Primary Slots - Access (SFA) Slots - Obtainment - Vocations - Access (SFAs) Scans Shopping Phase: - Gear Archive - Categories (Scans for all Categories) Exploration Phase - Universals (BKFs) - Languages - Movement - Survivability Factors Combat Phase: - Traditional Combat - Squad Combat - Damage & Effects



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