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 Realm of Art 



 the CORE Realms 

    Here at Arthadian Anthologies, Creative Expression is valued above all else! As you explore this ever-expanding Universe, you'll encounter the many, incredible works of art commissioned to immerse you into the CORE Realms!

This Realm of Art Gallery has been made to showcase the EPIC creations put-forth by Artists of all kinds! 

Please explore the pieces made here and visit each of the portfolios presented! 

Lastly, if you or anyone you know is an artist, you can begin creating in the CORE Realms now and add to this Realm of Art!

Probing Mind.jpg

 Amirul Hhf 

After working with M. S. Arthadian for over 2 years, Amirul has completed art for the Playable Races in Reborn in Power along with many other pieces including the one you see here!


You can find Amirul on ArtStation & Instagram!  

Producing the EPIC masterpieces of the Reborn in Power Cover Art as well as the Runes for Rune Forgers, the amazing SinsValentine!

You can find Shivana at her Website & Instagram!

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Kickstarter banner.png

 Sins Valentine 

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