Planar Unity: Expanding the Omniverse

For those of you who have followed all my entries, there is one thing that I love to hammer down your throats (metaphorically speaking). That thing is the fact that I wish for other creators to join me in this venture to expand a Universe so that we may create something that we all can take part in! This is where the Planar Unity comes in!

What is the Planar Unity?

The ever-expanding Universe that is the CORE Realms is just a small blip in the expansive region known as the Planar Unity. Inside this region is where you (the Loremasters) come in.

As you know, the CORE is made up of 7 realms that were once all separate from one another. Then once convergence arrived, those realms came together.

A denizen in the realms might think that there is nothing outside of the CORE, however there is so much more than what came be found in their reality.

Planar Unity is where all multiversal pockets form into their own existences with physical laws similar yet unique in their own designs.

These designs are determined by you, the Loremaster! As you begin your Creative Venture here in order to expand this massive creation, it is up to you what you create. It can be tied to Reborn in Power or even just be a novel you've had your sights set on. Either way, it is all of us that will work to collaborate with one another in order to further develop our creations!

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