Izal Artistry: Inspired Creatives

Greetings fellow travelers! This entry is inspired by an amazing work of art by creator named Izal! Feel free to click on the piece below to see more of his works!

The tale I will be sharing here is inspired off of this piece, all rights to this image are reserved to Izal, please contact him for any purchasing requests.

Worlds come in a variety of ways...

They can be treacherous and chaotic, peaceful and serene, and from the variety life shows its true self. Though stars shine with great vibrancy, their faint lights dwindle in comparison to the shadows cast out by the variety.

Worlds are magnificent...

Worlds are plentiful...

They allow life to flourish, to enrich themselves from the fruits that the variety can bare. Whether that be from the rivers that cross through the wide canyons or from beyond the outer veil of the stars. If we were to explore such variety, the realms will make themselves known and we will have been given a great gift.

The gift that life grants us...

The gift that we choose for ourselves...

Expressed through our evolution, we have the opportunity to explore, to collect memories of beautiful sights such as these. We must only choose the path we will take to reach the other realms, to witness the variety for ourselves.

Though life is filled with treachery and chaos...

So too shall it be filled with peace and serenity...

Me and you, my little friend, are all we need to survive the challenges that await us. As we gather enough food and supplies for our trip, the variety beckons to us.

The realms await...

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