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#MarchoftheCORE 2023!

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Over the past few years I’ve been working to lay out a Foundation for others to join me in the expansion of The CORE Realms and even further beyond…

Then last year I began my first CORE challenge titled March of the CORE!

It ran through the entire month of March (as one would expect) and each week gave a different prompt. If you know anything about the CORE, you’d know about the Pillars of The CORE and how they are the five main worlds I tend to focus on.

If you are unfamiliar with them, click here to check them out!

March of the CORE: Command Colonies!

This all leads up to this year! I do plan on having another March of the CORE, just this year the theme will be different.

For this year, one of my goals is to bring in more creators in expanding the CORE Realms. So instead of having multiple prompts throughout the month of March, I’m thinking one giant prompt for you all to have the entire month to submit what you’ve made.

What will that prompt be?

For those unfamiliar with the Foundation Region of the CORE, it is the region where the Pillars reside along with 150+ Command Colonies with more being established every array.

I’ve created a few Command Colonies myself over the past few years, however, I haven’t made as many as I’d like!

This is where you’d come in!

Create Your Own Command Colony!

For #MarchoftheCORE 2023, you as an Archivist are on an Exploration Mission with an elite CORE Command Squadron to protect you. Your Directive is to discover a new world to call a Command Colony!

For a better understanding of Command Colonies & the Foundation Region, read through the CORE Command Entry.

Once you’ve grasped at what CORE Command is and how the Command Colonies utilize the Foundation Initiatives, you can begin making a Command Colony.

Aspects to Start With:

To assist you with making your own Command Colony, here are some aspects you should think of before starting:

  • Which Realm: The 5 Pillars are from 5 Realms

    • Votonic, Realm of Power: This realm consists of a focus on power and potential. Higher Entities worshipped are known as Guardians of Votonic and occasionally culture specific deities. Habitable worlds are usually a healthy mixture of Science Fantasy tropes within the Realm of Votonic.

    • Phoenis, Realm of Freedom: This realm consists of a spatial region known as The Bestia where the phoenix that make up the stars reside. A Phoenix is usually a star here and is worshipped as a way for the Cantol (or other avian species) to be reborn. Habitable worlds are usually filled with Beasts of all kinds with different Science Fantasy elements sprinkled in.

    • Synchronis, Realm of Advancement: This realm consists of a focus on advancing societies to their highest point. This is the Science Fiction realm where spacefaring civilizations, cyborgs, A.I. robots, and more comes from. Habitable worlds could be terraformed or have some interesting ways of how the Prime (or alien species) evolved.

    • Magenium, Realm of Elements: This realm consists of a focus on magic and Gods. The Temporal Shift of Elicc is where your Command Colony would reside, which is the Shift of Divinity. Habitable worlds in this space can access the ordered structures of the Elemental Domains, or the chaotic randomness of the Planar Unity (space beyond the CORE). This is your Epic Fantasy world (or whatever fantasy subgenre you choose).

    • Evemore, Realm of Sentience: This realm consists of a focus on emotionality as the Evemore Pantheon falls under the Dusk or Dawn Era Shifts. Much like a Yin-Yang ordeal, you will most likely focus in the Dawn, where more positive emotions reign. Habitable worlds tend to lean more fantasy in its Science Fantasy tropes.

  • Colony Origins: All Aspects of your Command Colony’s Origin

    • Cycle Established: What Cycle was the Command Colony found? Choose a Cycle between 17-140 ACR (After the CORE Reset).

    • Liberation: Decide whether or not your Command Colony had a tyrannical society that the Sodorian Alliance helped liberate.

    • Artifact: Decide if your Command Colony was discovered through the research of a powerful artifact.

    • Inhabitants: Decide if your Command Colony has native lifeforms that are either primitive or advancing their civilization structure.

    • Civilization Level: Determine if your Command Colony is at a particular civilization level.

      • Level 1: Tribal

      • Level 2: Societal

      • Level 3: Planetary

      • Level 4: Interplanetary

      • Level 5: Interstellar

      • Level 6: Intergalactic

    • Energy Well: Decide if your Command Colony has an Energy Well that can be accessed by Rune Forgers & the Sodorian Alliance. Note: See The Flow Disk or Rune Forger Codex Entry.

    • Physics: For those who like diving into the physical laws of the universe, here are some aspects to think about for your Command Colony.

      • Location in the Solar System

      • Any Lunar Satellites or if the Command Colony is a lunar world

      • Gravity

      • Atmospheric Conditions

      • Nature & Environmental Effects

      • Continents/Regions

      • Ecosystems & Biomes

For those who want to see how I’ve been developing my Command Colonies, come and follow my Twitter account where I post #CORELore Tweets twice per day!

Planning Stage & Incentives:

If you are interested in this year’s March of the CORE, make sure to subscribe for future updates as I will be posting additional Entries to help you with making your Command Colony!

I do plan on adding an incentive to this year’s challenge. Something along the lines of those who add in more aspects of the CORE will be voted on whose Command Colony is best. The winners will receive a paid reward on top of having their Command Colony featured in an Entry!

Thank you for checking this out and please share this around for others to help in making The CORE Realms just as vast, if not more so than Star Wars! I want to be able to encompass as many worlds as possible for infinite possibilities…


This year I want to provide rewards for the Archivists that participate in the March! How to do so is difficult as I’m not exactly financially able to provide the kind of reward I’d like to.

But that’s beside the point! No matter what, I wish to provide those who seek to join me in expanding The CORE Realms some form of compensation.

Conditions & Qualifications:

In order to qualify for the rewards, certain Command Colony conditions must be met! If your Command Colony does not meet the proper conditions, you will not be eligible for the rewards.

Here are the conditions that must be met for Reward Qualification:

  • Your World/Command Colony must be linked to 1 of the 5 Realms listed above.

  • You must establish what Cycle the Command Colony was discovered (Between Cycle 17-140 ACR) and how many Foundation Initiatives have been complete on your Command Colony. Note: Each Initiative should be detailed out, they can be found in the CORE Command Entry.

  • Detail your Entry on the Command Colony as if you are an Alliance Archivist part of a Foundation Squadron who has discovered this new world. Give analysis on whether it is a world in need of liberation, a research haven with mysterious planetary conditions, a resource heavy colony that will increase trade opportunities, etc… Whatever you come up with, write from the perspective of a devoted researcher who aims to detail out their findings.

If you meet all three of these conditions, you quality for the following…


  • Receive a Chosen Subscription for 100% off for 1 year!

  • Your Command Colony is entered as a Codex Entry with accreditation to you (and your Archivist’s name in-universe).

  • Enter your Command Colony into a Contest to potentially win $100 cash!

    • 1st Place = $100 USD

    • 2nd Place = $50 USD

    • 3rd Place = $25 USD

How will the Contest will be Judged?

I have yet to decide on how this will be judged. However, I do know that the parameters in which a Command Colony will win 1st place will be dictated by how immersed the Entry feels inside The CORE Realms.

If you do research by listening to the podcast and reading how I outline my entries, you’ll have a higher chance of winning 1st place!


Submitting an Entry:

In order to submit an Entry, you may do so through the following form:

Once you have filled out the form and submitted your Entry, I personally will reach out to you via email or a preferred messaging platform (I use Discord mainly).

I’m excited to see what kind of Command Colony you create for this year’s #MarchoftheCORE!

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