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Rune Forgers: Highest Order of the Realms

Updated: May 25, 2023

On Mark 24, after the CORE Realms converged, the Regal Entities came together in order to form a more perfect being! An entity that was endowed by the energies the Regals had at their disposal.

From the Cosmos came Cosmic Energy and from Quantumo came Quantum Energy. Stemming from Evemore came the Source Energy, from Magenium the Magen Energy, from Synchronis the Spark Energy...

And lastly, from the Regal Entity of Votonic came the energies of Tonic, Kinetic, and the Void...

The Endowed:

The One who endows Rune Forging

Upon creation of the Rune Forgers, this entity built with its immense power four stations that all together create the Runic Core! Each of these stations are referred to as the Orbitals, this is due to their perpetual orbit around the CORE Realms.

Orbital 1:

Near the Realm of Evemore, this orbital is the part of the Runic Core that holds the Rune Forgers and their Runic Council. Every Master Forger has their own Chambers within Orbital 1 and acolytes of the order report to them here.

Orbital 2:

Near the Realm of Synchronis, this orbital is the part of the Runic Core that provides the Rune Forgers with direct access to Archival Information regarding all the realms. The Aragora is what they call the Archive as it is an A.I. that was created by Synchronis itself.

Orbital 3:

Near the Realm of Phoenis, this orbital is the part of the Runic Core that provides CORE Command with its fleet and a larger C.A.A. (Command Acolyte Assembly) than that of Pillar Command found on the Harborer.

Orbital 4:

Near the Realm of Magenium, this orbital is the part of the Runic Core that holds larger Senate halls for the culmination of all Diplomatic and Political figures who generate the laws throughout the Foundation Region.

Each of these Orbitals hold 10 million citizens in occupancy. The Rune Forger Order by comparison has only around 10,000 forgers spread throughout the realms. This shows just how massive these stations are as they keep watch for anomalies beyond the CORE Realms.

A Rune Forger's Duty:

The CORE Realms flows with 8 types of energy. You can learn about them in the Flow Disk Entry. As for Rune Forgers, they possess the unique ability to access each type within their core energy. This is not to say that it is easy for them to use them, just that they possess the capability to access all of them.

The responsibility of such a power brings them to their duty as a Rune Forger in the order. That duty being the protectors of energy. This means energy facets of existence within the realms. Protecting the natural order of life from the unknowns that comes from inside the CORE and from the Planar Unity.

The Orbitals are located on the Cosmic Membrane, efficiently detecting anomalies that lurk from within and beyond the border. Once an anomaly has been detected, a directive is sent to a Rune Forger within the quadrant.

Their mission requires from them the following:

  1. Determine whether the anomaly is a threat to the CORE

  2. If the anomaly is an intelligent creature and wishes to stay in the CORE, infuse them with core energy so they may be properly assimilated

  3. If the anomaly is from the Planar Unity and cannot be reasoned with, do what is required to send them back out of the Planar Unity

  4. If the anomaly poses a threat to the CORE in any capacity, leave no trace of its existence within the realms

Orbital Forgers:

Before the Reset, the Rune Forger Order focused on training in the Orbitals. Now during the Reset Era, Runic Seminaries have begun popping up, the first one being built on the Harborer. This caused a division in the order that has different ways in which Rune Forgers are trained.

For those trained in Orbital 1, they usually refer to themselves as Orbital Forgers. They tend to work best alone or within their own squadron and are more likely to be found throughout the Cosmos, searching for anomalies.

Seminary Forgers:

After the Reset, the Rune Forger Order began construction on the first Runic Seminary in Vo'sodor of the Harborer. This Seminary brought about a new curriculum for Forgers taught there instead of the Runic Core.

For those trained in a Runic Seminary, they take classes at a young age to learn about the nuances of society and the Foundation Region. Then, when they come of age, a Master is assigned to them and shows them what life is like in the Foundation Region.

Some Master Forgers have gotten permission from the council to expand the Seminaries beyond just the Foundation Region. Some are said to pop up in the Nebulaic Convergence as well as the Dwarven Citadel, and possibly many others throughout the CORE!

Legend of the Azorai:

Long ago, 91 Cycles after Convergence;

Azor'aius, the first Azorai, explored the CORE in search of a theory about Energy Wells. This journey brought Azor'aius to the Realm of Evemore, where he found the Great Tree of Life, Moriot.

Upon spending a full cycle studying the world, he discovered a number of amazing things. The Tree itself brought about life in numerous ways and deep within its roots swells with pure-source energy. He studied closely with the natives of the world that seemed to have a primitive culture but they lived in unity for the most part.

Speaking to the Shorosk Shaman, Azor'aius learned about the ritual practices that were described to him as trials for the Retikon. These trials consisted of the Regal Entity, Evemore and her Evemoten embodiments. Specifically stemming from the Dawn Era Shift.

Upon leaving the world, Azor'aius gained more than just knowledge, his own affinity had shifted over to a purer form of source energy. He returned with this finding to the Runic Council at the time, proposing that the Council & Senate voted on Pillar Status for Moriot.

As a result of Azor'aius' finding, the council promoted him to a Master Forger. Furthermore, his influence on the Rune Forger order began a sect of forgers known as Azorai...

These Azorai are a rare breed of Rune Forgers. Due to this, they are limited in numbers but their affinities are on par with the Endowed.

A Master Azorai takes their apprentice to a known Energy Well and trains them for a full cycle, how to Rune Forge. From this intense training near an Energy Well, the apprentice forger is bolstered by their surrounding environment. This causes their affinity to shift into a purer form, like that of the Energy Well they have trained by for an entire cycle.

When an Azorai is forged, they usually take on the responsibility of protecting the Energy Well they had trained near, and eventually branch off to discover more wells.

However, if an Azorai is to train by another well for a Cycle that is of a different Energy, their affinity will shift to that energy and they will lose the one they previously had.

Ark Forgers:

Around 30 Cycles ACR, a new sect of Rune Forger was born. Known as an Ark Forger, this kind of Rune Forger is able to forge specialized runes.

The first Ark Forger is Master Forger, Thadeon Sor. At the time of his discovery, he was deep in research. Curious about how energy flows through the mastery of Power Forms, Thadeon sought to understand how certain energies could manifest even before the CORE converged. His curiosity led him to the Synchronis Conduit.

This Conduit has a unique creation story behind it. The Architects of Synchronis got their title due to them weaving an encoded energy across their entire realm. The Conduit was made from the following energies before the CORE converged; Quantum, Cosmic, Spark, and Magic energies. "How could this be?" Thadeon wondered.

After manifesting his own Ion-link, Thadeon began further experimenting with his two power forms. Seeking assistance from Master Forger, Aether Veil and studying the limits on Power Forms themselves. It wasn't until The Endowed came to Thadeon in a vision that he forged his first Ark Rune!

An Ark Forger is able to access specialized Runic Abilities that have been established by Master Thadeon Sor. These Abilities can only be used with Ark Runes, but that does not mean the Ark Runes can't reap the benefits of already established Runic Abilities.

In fact, Ark Runes are unique in their ability to expand on Power Forms, exceeding the 2 Power Form limitation many practitioners have. Using specified Ark Runes, you can gain the Access of their corresponding Power Form(s). All thanks to Ark Forger, Thadeon Sor!

Metal Ark Rune:

This type of Ark Rune focuses on influencing metallic structures to mold them into specific shapes and repair them. Ark Shield & Ark Armor are two Abilities that an Ark Forger can learn from Master's in the sect of the Order.

Fire Ark Rune:

This type of Ark Rune stems from Magen & Void energy. The flames of a Fire Ark Rune are more potent than that of a Magen Rune. This allows for an Ark Forger to utilize the Ark Bomb Ability and merge this Rune with the Earth Ark Rune to manipulate Geo Effects from the Survivability Factors. Note: See the Exploration Phase in the Chosen Creation: Study.

Earth Ark Rune:

This type of Ark Rune stems from Magen, Cosmic & Source energy. The earth can be manipulated to its greatest extent with this rune, but is extremely difficult to master the truest reaches of its power.

Tech Ark Rune:

This type of Ark Rune stems from Spark & Quantum energy. It was the first Ark Rune to be forged by Thadeon Sor. It allows for the wielder to use Conduit Access. Note: See Dwarven Citadel Codex Entry, Coming 2023. You can learn the Ark Enhancement & Ark Node Abilities using this, and activate technology using a single charge of the Ark Rune.

Divine Ark Rune:

This type of Ark Rune pulls from all core energies and from The Endowed, itself. Using this Ark Rune, you can connect to your allies and bring them back from the brink of death. You can summon Endowed Spirits that stem from core energies. Also allows for the wielder to use Soul Weave Access. Note: See Nebulaic Convergence Codex Entry, Coming 2023.

The Runic Council:

Being the Highest Order of the Realms the leaders that make up the Rune Forgers are some of the most notable Power Form Practitioners across the realms.

Amongst the Runic Council, there are Master Forgers that seek to assist in many areas across not just the Foundation Region, but all of the CORE!

Master forger, Aether Veil:

A Revaltic Newgonian that is the longest living council member. He is also known to have only taken on two apprentices in the past. His focus is on the Manipulation External energies such as Kinetics, Quantum, and Cosmic energies. No one knows the full extent of his power and understanding of existence.

Master Forger, Ariel Sor:

A Tonist Prime that runs the logistics between the Pillars & Command Colonies for all Rune Forger matters. She assisted in developing the first Runic Seminary in Cycle 16 ACR. She was also the Soulbond of Elite Plasmatic Knight, William Sor and is the mother of Master Forger, Thadeon Sor. Her focus is on potential threats across the realms.

Master Forger, Aussima Loniz:

A Ra-Yen that was originally a high ranking Operative in CORE Command. She is a peacemaker and server of justice. She is best known for the Loniz Armistice that ended the Arkayan Conflict. She is the most prominent Master Forger on the council that works with other leaders/senators in the Sodorian Alliance. Her focus is on military strategies and keeping CORE Command and the Sodorian Senate in check.

Master Forger, Emon Orkovin:

A Tonist Prime that trains Apprentices in the Orkovin Tradition; better known as the Runic Shift. He is the Master to Ariel Sor and many other established Rune Forgers across the realms. His family lineage is known for having the most energy affinities. His focus is on searching and recruiting young Rune Forgers across the CORE.

Master Forger, Rike Telvin:

A Tonist Prime that became prominent during the Liberation Wave; the time period right after the first Command Colony was established by the Hearts of Glory. He is the youngest Rune Forger on the council, taking Master Forger, Emilia Celeste's seat. His focus is on keeping the Rune Forgers leading Command Squadrons on mission, working closely with Master Forger, Aussima Loniz.

Master Forgers:

Becoming a Master Forger is a feat in itself. To be named a Master Forger, a Rune Forger must accomplish one of the following:

  • Establish up to 5 new Runic Abilities

  • Further the development of the Order

  • Defeat a threat against the energies

Once every Array a list of Master Forger nominations are sent to the Runic Council to vote on the next Masters. Only 3 Masters are chosen in this process. Once an Apprentice is nominated to be a Master, that Apprentice is considered a full-fledged Rune Forger that no longer needs to have a Master.

Chosen Codex:

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