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The Flow Disk: Ebb & flow of Energy

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

There are many energies flowing through the expanded vacuum of the Planar Unity, but within the CORE Realms life exists in a constant flow of the eight core energies. These have already been explored in previous entries such as The Rune Forgers & Energies of the CORE.

In this entry, however, I would like to further explore the deeper intrigues that comes out of core energy and how each type can flow into one another to create the reality that is the CORE Realms!

Flow Disk:

Manifesting energy into a Power Form can be understood with what is referred to as the Flow Disk. Each layer presents the makeup of every living creatures metaphysical nature. You will be able to find more information about Power Form Manifestation in the Chosen Creation: Study, but for now here are the layers of the Flow Disk for your further study.

The Flow Disk

The Tonic Layer:

At the core of manifestation, power & potential play a pivotal role. In order to begin the manifestation process, one must lock into their tonic energy. Only then can they manifest a Power Form.

The Inner Layer:

Once finding their potential, the inner layer will take hold of the three Hybrid energies. This is when 2-3 types are mixed together in order to achieve manifestation. The easiest of the three types in the Inner Layer is Kinetic energy.

This being because Tonic & Kinetic energy have a kinship with one another. Think 'potential to kinetic energy', this is why there are actually more kinetics found throughout the realms.

The Outer Layer:

Bypassing the Inner Layer, if one is powerful enough, they can access the outer layer types. These are focused more so on the deeper aspects of core energy. Rune Forgers train for many arrays in order to achieve this layer. However, once manifested, the energies found in the outer layer can access deeper mysteries that can be further explored.

Origins of the Energies:

Whenever detailing out the eight energies of the CORE, it is important to always go in way of the Flow Disk; Tonic, Kinetic, Magic, Spark, Cosmic, Quantum, Source, and Void.

The order can change everything when it comes to the flow of energy. This flow was discovered by the first Rune Forger, The Endowed.

No longer present, the Endowed was a creature said to be forged by the Regal Entities in order to establish the Rune Forgers during the time before convergence. Its power was said to be on par with some of the greatest higher entities, even being more powerful.

With its power, it did not wish to use it itself, but to bestow its knowledge to the denizens of the CORE who could use it wisely. And thus, the Rune Forgers were born!

Tonic Energy:

Tonic Rune

Being the energy of power & potential, Tonic originated in the Realm of Votonic. In fact, tonic translates to power/potential in Votanian. This energy was formed in the conception of Votonic and was granted to the Ancient Votonist once they first evolved.

Out of Votonic, there were five Orbs that came to manifest from within. Those five Orbs came to be known as the Tonic Orbs, or Orbs of Power.

Such power is so great that it is now only given to the Guardians of Votonic. This will be further explored in a future Codex titled, Power of Votonic.

Kinetic Energy:

Kinetic Rune

Stemming from the root nature of quantum energy, kinetics is found as a natural phenomenon when molecules of matter have built up potential to exert energy through spacetime. For example, just the mere action of walking a few feet exerts a miniscule amount of kinetic energy. It is the potential of a creature to be able to take those few steps, and the kinetics to allow for their matter to take the action.

However, this is the exertion of just a little kinetic energy. When entering a Kinetic State, a creature's senses of molecular structures is heightened. This allows for manipulation of said structures to occur through the flow of one's energy in their observable surroundings.

This is only made possible through neurological synapses that can detect quantum fluctuations, which means that a creature with an affinity towards kinetics also has an affinity towards quantum energy.

Magical Energy:

Magen Rune

The most chaotic form of energy stems from magic. Many think this not to be the case due to the structured manifestation of Magen Links. In fact, most think quantum energy to be the most chaotic, but when it really comes down to it, magic is the most unknown that flows through all living creatures.

This is due to its dichotomy that stems from the polar ends of the three Temporal Shifts in Magenium. Structure is a form of Order, which is where Magen Links sort of originated. Before I go too far into magic, I think it would be beneficial for you to study up on the Magenium lore. Here are a few places you can learn about Magenium:


Podcast Entries:

Codex Entries:


Elemental Magic:

Within the Shift of Korse, the largest domain found throughout its temporal sphere is known as the Elemental Domains. Every domain is said to have a multitude of planets that make it up, but the great aspect of the domain is its divinity.

As you might assume, there are four elemental domains. Each of them watched over by the Goddess of Elements, Nium. On the Quxi Gua, she is the one said to gift the Magen Links to Arkayans and other creatures that follow down a similar path.

Being from the Divine Order, elemental magic has a structure to it that only deviates slightly from its roots. As it connects with the other energy types, elemental magic allows for material reality to be manipulated and constructed by creatures & entities able to do so.

Arcana Magic:

There are many terms for this magic, being as though it is from the Shift of Ravxon. Some call it Arcanum or Ether, others call it Mana, some even refer to it as the Planar Energy. Arcana however is the most chaotic energy found throughout the CORE due to its collection from outside the realms themselves.

From these collections, schools of magic have become prevalent in understanding such chaos. But even with education, no one can say they have fully mastered the arcane arts.

For Power Form Practitioners, arcana is seen as an umbrella term for hundreds to thousands of different forms they could potentially learn. Some forms even meld with each other making them even more powerful.

This is a rabbit hole that many who go under rarely ever return the same.

Spark Energy:

Spark Rune

Considered to be the most common energy found and practiced throughout interplanetary to extraplanar civilizations, some say the 'spark' is what allows consciousness to flourish in the first place. In fact, many believe The Architects knew this at a fundamental scale which is how they were able to create The Conduit.

However, before we dive into Energy Webbing, one must understand the seed that is planted before the roots begin to form. For Spark Energy, it is actually closest to source in a strange way. Accessing it can achieve great advancements in technology that can save creature's lives. However, too much of it can lead to paralysis or even someone's demise.

Formerly seen as ionic charges, those that practice the Plasmatic Traditions are able to direct currents of ions which is most commonly achieved through a Kinetic State, due to kinetics manipulating molecular structures.

This can also be achieved through Magen Links, however it is more difficult to achieve. If one flows directly to kinetic from their magical energy and then into their spark, it causes a combustive implosion that results in fire being released. Therefore, if you are aiming to reach an Ion Link, you'll need to train under the Sor Kastel of the Magen Kastel.

But if you are looking to master the Pyro Ring, you can go either route, either becoming a Mage or Kinetic. All you need is to focus on one of the two energies to enter a Power Form, then allow the flow through the Inner Layer of the Flow Disk, then you'll have fire! Careful though, fire is a chaotic element. Some even say the Fire Elemental Domain borders the line between the Shifts of Korse & Ravxon...

Cosmic Energy:

Cosmic Rune

As we reach the Outer Layer of the Flow Disk, things become interconnected on a deeply philosophical & spiritual level. For Cosmic Energy, this is the expressed understanding that all dimensions of physical reality are expressed through multiple avenues. Those avenues are mixed with each energy type in some form or fashion, sometimes including multiple in the process. This is where Energy Webbing becomes prominent and why it is difficult to master such forms on the Outer Layer.

The most common of dimensions are the 3 physical & 1 temporal. This is a basic principle that holds true throughout not just the Cosmic Realm entirely, but the full expanse of the Planar Unity! This is referred to as spacetime, and cosmic energy plays a role in the construction and manipulation of such dimensions. In order to understand cosmic energy at its root, the cosmos itself is all encompassing and is interconnected through all reaches of the CORE Realms as long as another energy resides in the fabric of its dimensions.

For example, the most common manifestation of this occurs from a mixture of quantum & cosmic energy. From the subatomic realm, particles pop in and out of existence, sometimes in massive quantities that formulate matter pockets in spacetime. Once this occurs, a familiar phenomenon leads to the bending of spacetime and the formation of dense pockets of cosmic bundles. This is how the first stars formed and allowed for the other energies to give rise to life and much more.

Quantum Energy:

Quantum Rune

Going from Cosmic to Quantum energy, the two diametrically opposed types take aspects from each other as they both expand across the Planar Unity on an axiomatic principle. If going into the deeper Mortexian Philosophy, one could say the Regal Entity of Quantumo ascended into a Pium with a deeper knowledge of this planar axiom, resulting in gaining access to a greater connection to said quantum energy.

This energy is not only similar in that regard, but it also interconnects with other energy types as well. The best example is its reach into the birth of kinetic energy. In a way, it's almost poetic that the entity, Quantumo, came from the Votonic Realm before it ascended which in turn gave rise to the Newgonian species & the Quantum Force. This could be equated to how the evolution of life is just as much of a fluke as that of the subatomic realm, completely incomprehensible.

Source Energy:

Source Rune

Electromagnetism is another fundamental aspect of reality and is the combination of both Cosmic, Quantum, & Source Energy. Source Energy is extremely unique however as it is a complex equation of reality that exists to create perception and meaning.

The Source is referred to as the channeling of life & light. It can also be seen as the evolutionary energy that allows for Primes to come into existence. This is what places Source Energy on the Outer Layer of the Flow Disk.

If you haven't noticed yet, the energies found on the Outer Layer consist of intrinsic values that make up existence itself. Though there are realms that these energies stem from, perhaps the true nature of it is that the Regal Entities are birthed from these values.

Void Energy:

Void Rune

From the Flow Disk comes the last energy type that is listed. It is also the most dangerous type and is considered forbidden to be used in a practitioners form. Being forbidden is different from the knowledge gained when understanding what comes from this energy. Therefore, it is of critical importance for a Rune Forger or Energy Practitioner to understand where this originates.

If you listen to my podcast, you'll have a general understanding of the Dark Void as I've previously elaborated on the location during a cycle in the CORE's historical records.

The reason for it being forbidden is that it latches on to the corrupting nature of any lifeform and seeks to consume it whole until all that's left is a shell of their former self. For those that do wield void energy, do so at their own risk.

As long as it is not used consistently and is not used during the Submergence Array a Void Wielder can shy away from losing their mind to the Dark Void.


Energy Webbing:

When a Master teaches an Apprentice to manifest a Power Form, they typically do so in way of the Flow Disk. This is most commonly found with Mages, Kinetics, & Rune Forgers.

There are other Power Forms that can be trained and mastered that are not in way of the Flow Disk, and this is where Energy Webbing comes into play.

Way of the Flow Disk:

As already explained, the Flow Disk is a specific order for Power Form Practitioners to manifest their own energy into their surrounding reality. The Flow Disk is the popular understanding of core energy found throughout the realms for most advanced civilizations; even some Planetary Civilizations come to the Flow Disk discovery.

Power Forms that utilize the Flow Disk are the following:

  • Kinetic States: entering into a Kinetic State requires one to manifest their Tonic into Kinetic energy. At its base level a kinetic state can be a devastating form and is the easiest to manifest.

  • Magen Links: manifesting a Magen Link is said to be a sign of divine providence as Arkayan Holy-Voices espouse that the Goddess of Elements, Nium, gifts the links based off a creatures affinity for magical energy.

  • Rune Forge: unlike any other power form, Rune Forging is a practice of utilizing the Flow Disk to its maximum potential. Instead of having different types of Rune Forging forms, there is one form that can forge runes of the 8 energy types.

There are ways to deviate from the Flow Disk and still manifest a Power Form or even use Abilities. This is where Energy Webbing comes into play!

Flow Sequences:

Once one has a clear understanding of energy manifestation, they can begin the process of deviating from what the Flow Disk grants them. Each sequence is a type of webbing that if altered can change the manifestation of a single power form.

For example; imagine you have two puzzle sets that you are going to work on. Both puzzles have interchangeable pieces between the two. The pieces themselves represent the energy types while the way you place them is the sequence you choose. Then whatever the end result is for the puzzle you made, that becomes the Power Form.

Here are just a few sequences one can manifest:

  • Soul Weave: This Power Form will be found in the Nebulaic Convergence Codex. This form allows for the wielder to weave the fabric of souls & spirits into one another or even tearing them apart. The Soul Weavers are said to bind souls together for those who wish to be cosmically bound. The Flow Sequence is the following; Tonic, Cosmic, Source, Magic, and lastly Quantum.

  • Sync-Conduit: This Power Form will be found in the Dwarven Citadel Codex. This form can also be influenced by magical energy to use the Techno-link for those that become Technomancers. It can produce tech gear in the blink of an eye and has access to the fabric of the Synchronis realm. The Flow Sequence is the following; Spark, Cosmic, Quantum, and lastly Magic.

  • Mind Tether: This Power Form is found in the Diemo Mind Codex Entry (coming soon). This form allows a creature that can mentally probe others the ability to tether themselves into the mental landscape of a creatures psyche. The Flow Sequence is the following; Tonic, Quantum, and lastly Void.

As you can see, Flow Sequences do not need to use every energy type in order to manifest a form. They can also be altered by switching out the balancing energies.

Energy Balancing:

An aspect of Energy Webbing is how each type balances the others out. The most common balancers are of the following; Spark vs Magic, Cosmic vs Quantum, and Source vs Void. However, sometimes the energies balance in other ways, such as Cosmic & Void energy being eerily similar yet having completely different effects on their surroundings.

In a way, balancing is a counter measure to those using a specific type. Out of this knowledge has come the Energy Negate Ability that allows an energy user to cancel the effects of another's ability.

Energy Negate (Ability)

With the further mastery of this ability and others like it, an energy user can be a crucial ally to have in your own squadron.

There are many creatures out in the realms that utilize energies that can and will challenge you. Knowing how to counter those creatures is the best way to survive throughout the CORE Realms!


There are several different ways an individual can become an energy user. The most common way to learn is through the Flow Disk, manifesting a Kinetic State (or one of the other Power Forms).

Each energy type can be used in differing sequences to manifest/discover different Power Forms. This is how so many kinds of Power Form Practitioners come to be.

However, in the end, there is a balance throughout all of reality which in turn can be mean the difference between life and death. Even so, if death were to come to you, may you be reborn in power...

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